A House Is Not A Home Without A Pet


Household pets make ideal companions within modern living environments…

Mankind has had animals as partners since time immemorial. Whether they serve as beasts of burden in paddy fields, cattle ranches and poultry farms, humans have always treasured animals as lifelong companions and family members. The ancient Egyptians revered their cats like they worshipped their Pharaohs. From felines to canines, we often have a penchant for keeping animals as part of our personal possessions. In today’s modern world, people would continue to keep animals within their homes as household pets. Dogs, cats, mice, birds, fishes, tortoises, iguanas, and rabbits – the list itself is virtually endless. To our beloved pets, we present a tribute or dedication to all our furry friends and best buddies.












Man’s Best Friend…and still is – The dog is often regarded as one of our greatest friends, next to our immediate families as well as closest of companions. They complement our daily lives and serve us in every possible way imaginable. Police dogs, army dogs, tracker dogs, sledge dogs, walk dogs, play poodles, dog actors, etc.; the list just goes on and on. Dogs are compassionate creatures who readily attach themselves to our emotions. Unlike cats, dogs are far more empathetic to the humans’ needs. Ode to our canine companions, we truly love and salute you!



















The Queen of Purr…or somewhat – Cats are adorably cute & cuddly creatures and they have an air of majesty about them. Love them or hate them, cats continue to command the attention of millions – humans absolutely love them for their divine beauty and heavenly cuteness. No wonder ancient Egyptians had such high regard for felines; they were literally worshipped and put on a pedestal next to the gods!

























The King of Rodents, more or less… – Rats and mice have always had a bad reputation and are constantly regarded as pesky household pests. The negative perception and connotation is partly due to their destructive nature as well as voracious appetite. Compared to rats, mice are much luckier, perhaps attributed to their cuter and fluffier appearance. Overall, rodents are smart, sensitive and sensible vermin to have as pets within the home, depending on their species. Gerbils are quick-witted; hamsters are good-natured; and ferrets are precocious!














Carrot-Munching Cuties, and much more… – Rabbits have long been stereotyped as super-fluffy, insanely (outrageously) cute and carrot-loving creatures since they were first domesticated. Their larger-sized counterpart, the hare possesses an infamous reputation for being a farm or orchard pestilent – periodically damaging cash crops and agricultural vegetation. Whilst hares are abhorred, rabbits are revered. Since their fur is not easily shed, unlike dogs or cats, rabbits are generally considered as ‘hypoallergenic’ animals. Rabbits also make excellent indoor pets especially for children. With their demure nature and elegant beauty, rabbits are highly prized for their ravishing good looks. Royal blood runs in all rabbits indeed!