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HFM July/August 2016 – Preview Highlights – Homefinder


Jul Aug coverWith the sluggish economy outlook, investors everywhere are looking far and wide for that ideal investment. Thankfully, they do not have to look very far. In this issue, we are proud to shine the spotlight on Medini where we highlight the urban township’s pulling factors and growth prospects targeted at those interested in investing in the Iskandar region. Financially desirable with great infrastructure and connectivity, as well as every imaginable amenities and conveniences, this is one investment you would not want to miss out on.


And just what is it that makes a place desirable to live in? We delved deep and came up with a list of the top ten luxury condominiums in Malaysia for you to dream over and perhaps one day, make it your own.


As property owners and investors, it is important to distinguish the difference between price and value – and our expert columnist Sr Khaidzir A Rasip explains this well in his enlightening article. You will understand the true magnitude of a property valuer’s importance in the whole scheme of things. James Oh shares pertinent steps on mastering wealth creation while Joey Yap’s research team guides you on how to employ handy Feng Shui tips to set the right direction for your dream house.


We also share with you an easy-to-follow lighting guide to illuminate your house the smart way, and suggest living room tweaks to make it even more cosy than ever.


They say health begins in the kitchen and we couldn’t agree more. This issue also tackles the art of making bento box meals and for those who are pressed for time, we give you suggestions on the best healthy meal delivery services in town.


Go on, get a copy, dive right into the pages and enjoy the experience!