The Fanciest and Priciest Foods Money Can Ever Buy!


Eat like a king with the most expensive gourmet dining experience!



There is a popular saying that states: “Put your money where your mouth is.” It is an idea taken to a whole new level with the constant proliferation of fine diners and Michelin restaurants mushrooming all over the place. The seemingly endless propagation of gourmet dishes and luxury meals has somehow saturated culinary common sense with countless cockeyed cuisines. In retrospect, the rich and famous regularly consumes some of the finest and priciest foods known to man. In the vocabulary of the wealthy, ‘expensive’ and ‘overpriced’ are somewhat of an understatement. Almost all the exorbitant dishes featured here have gold flakes adorned upon them. Edible gold has also inextricably changed the complexion of the food industry, and has become an essential ingredient in the realm of fine dining. It is also rather perplexing as to why people should spend so much money on perishables such as food. It just goes to show how much we are willing to shell or fork out to enjoy extravagant meals at obscene prices. There are many more truly expensive foods that are not included in the following shortlist. “Eat to live, and not live to eat.” You are what you eat after all, right? Bon appetit! – HFM



Wagyu Beef

For a truly hearty meal, there is no better food than a plate of sizzling steak. And Americans certainly love their meats especially beef steaks. But when it comes to beef, only one variety reigns supreme. ‘Wagyu Beef’, dubbed “King of All Beefs”, is derived from specially-bred Japanese cattle which are internationally famed for the elegant marbling profile or characteristic of their prized meat. The cattle themselves are thoroughly fed with a stringent diet of rice wine and regular beer. A typical steak dish made with Wagyu beef will set you back USD250 per pound!



Golden Phoenix


Cupcakes are one of the favourite cakes of all time. These miniature cakes often come in many shapes and sizes. There is one unique cupcake that has caught the attention of worldwide cake connoisseurs by storm. Enter the ‘Golden Phoenix’ – an exclusive cupcake baked with Amedei Porcelana chocolate, and Ugandan vanilla beans. Covered in gold dust, each cupcake costs a whopping USD2,000!



The Golden Opulence


Millions of sundaes are sold worldwide daily, and they take multiple forms as well as varieties. The most expensive sundae among them is a royal sundae called ‘The Golden Opulence’, which is a USD1,000 sundae made of Tahitian vanilla ice-cream covered in dark chocolate, adorned with edible gold leaves, and served with a side of choice caviar. An avant-garde splurge for the sensible super-rich, let alone for the average Joe. The ultimate dessert to savour under the Parisian candlelight!


The Westin Bagels


If you desire something savoury yet irresistibly light, the iconic Westin Hotel bagel might just do the trick. ‘Westin Bagels’ are famed for its pricey toppings of white truffle, cream cheese and goji berry infused Riesling jelly, as well as covered in food-grade edible 24k gold flakes. Priced at approximately USD1,000 per bagel, enjoying a bagel like this will undoubtedly burn a hole in your wallet in no time!



Berco’s “Million-Dollar” Popcorn


The last food on earth that will break your bank account is the pop-corn. But this is no ordinary or ‘run-of-the-mill’ popcorn. Berco’s Million Dollar Popcorn is a gourmet popcorn in a league or class of its own. The corn kernels are lusciously covered in Vermont creamy butter, Nielson Massey bourbon vanilla, Danish Laseo salt, and sprinkled generously with 23-karat of premium gold flakes. The popcorn itself is definitely pretty to look at, although its price will most probably put off most popcorn buffs as well as cinema-goers. Prices start from USD250 per gallon!