Marriage Pitfalls – by Focus on the Family Malaysia


Managing the trials & tribulations in a marital relationship




How can a husband and wife protect their marital relationship?  By guarding against the following “deadly dozen” dangers: Over-commitment and physical exhaustion mean a couple only see one another when they are worn out.  Reserve time for each other to keep your love alive. Overuse of credit cards can easily lead to excessive debt, which creates tremendous tension.  Learn to manage your money.  Read a good book on how to handle finances. Selfishness will devastate a marriage over time.  Practice generosity and giving.



Marital breakdowns are mainly attributed to financial issues and social factors – Daily Mail




Be aware that living in close proximity to in-laws can cause havoc.  Guard your marital boundaries – even from intrusion by other family members. Unrealistic expectations of each other or immature romantic illusions create incredible frustrations.  Bring your expectations in line with reality. Jealousy is a dangerous enemy.  It is really a cover-up for low self-esteem and insecurity.  Do not suffocate your partner. Substance abuse (alcohol or drugs) will quickly waste a marriage.  Stay clear!



Communication and compromise are key to conflict resolutions in most marriages – Aletela



Addictions to gambling, pornography or other destructive behaviours reveal the flawed human personality.  Beware of deadly addictions that lead to marital death. Mental sexual wanderings or lustful thoughts lead to infidelity and destroy marital oneness and trust. Find an accountability partner if you struggle in this area. Agitation over financial reverses, which are often unavoidable, can lead to anger within the family.  Try out your faith by taking them in stride.



Business success can be a tragedy if achieving it means the family is forgotten. Don’t neglect your family – the price is too high. Getting married too young, without having much time to mature individually, often sinks the marriage boat.  Consider counselling if you need help. This article was published with permission from Focus on the Family Malaysia. If you liked this article and would like to go deeper, we have some helpful resources at: www.family.org.my