Best Natural Recipes for Homemade Air Fresheners


Perfume up your homes with the sweet scents of natural homemade fragrances…


A pleasant smell can instantly alter one’s mood and transform one’s overall life perspective, as well as make the home warm and welcoming. But conventional room fresheners sold in grocery shops and drug stores usually contain harmful chemicals which have been scientifically linked to cancer cases, birth defects, nervous breakdowns, allergic reactions, asthmatic episodes and prolonged headaches. Many of these costly commercial products work by simply masking the smell, but not removing or neutralizing the odour. Nonetheless, you can easily make your own natural DIY air fresheners to freshen up your home daily using hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and all-natural ingredients found within the kitchen.




Baking Soda

In addition to being a baking agent, bicarbonate soda is also versatile for regular household cleaning, as well as incorporating baking soda as an odour repellant. It is commonly used in refrigerators, trash cans and bathroom sinks to rid stubborn stains and unappealing smells. To make a room freshener, take half cup baking soda, your favourite essential oil and a mason jar. Mix the baking soda and essential oil in the jar. Poke tiny holes on the cover lid to allow for ventilation. Shake the mixture and a refreshing aroma then proceeds to fill the ambient air.DIY-air-freshener





















Scented Candles

Create your own scented candles using natural wax (i.e. bees wax), glass jars, candle wicks, essential oils, natural colouring and wooden straws (to hold the wicks in place). Fill the sauce pan half full with water, place the glass container with wax in the pan. Maintain heat at medium high whilst stirring occasionally till wax melts. Insert non-toxic colouring together with essential oils to preference.






























Gelatin Scent Jars

Along with freshening up your home, scented gel air freshener can be used as decorative pieces for your home. Take heat proof glass jars, food coloring salt, four packets of unflavored gelatin and 20 drops of essential oil. Heat a cup of water and gelatin. As the gelatin gels, add one cup of cold water and also add 1tbsp of salt which will keep gelatin from getting firm. Then pour the solution into the jar and add few drops of food colouring and essential oil and mix well.
















Traditional Potpourri

Potpourri is a simple yet brilliant idea to make your home smell divine and godly. Incidentally, ancient Greeks swore by the timeless art of potpourri concoctions. For making basic potpourri, you will require flower petals, leaves, herbs and spices which are laid out to dry. Once sun-dried, put the dried herbs into a bowl or container, add a few drops of essential oil and mix them thoroughly. Place the bowl anywhere within your home and enjoy the lovely fragrance emitting from it.

















Citrus-Herb Hotpot

Use a small pot and fill with water. Add cinnamon, rosemary, lemon, orange, and half-tablespoon of vanilla extract. After simmering for a whole day, it will immerse your home with a strong yet earthy fragrance. After one week, replace the entire concoction with fresh herbs and essential oils for a refreshing daily aromatherapy.



















Essential Oil Sprays

Bring one cup of water to boil and add four tablespoons of dried basil to the water and allow it to steep for five minutes. Put the cooled water into a bottle, add in five drops of your favourite essential oil and shake well to mix. You can also use a standard garden spray bottle, mix ten drops of peppermint oil, five drops of orange-peel oil and five drops of lemon-peel oil, plus two tablespoons of rose water for added potency. Make sure to shake all ingredients thoroughly before spraying. This invigorating spray will invoke a citrus-like feeling or sensation.























Herbal Essence Jars

This is the continuation from the citrus-herb hotpot whereby the herbal plus essential oil concoction is subsequently cooled down and packaged in ventilated jars as seen below. One herbal essence jar typically last for up to six days before it needs to be replenished. Makes an elegant home décor and smells heavenly too!

herbal waters with wooden spoon














































Diffuser Scent Sticks

Oil diffusers are a fun and fantastic way to freshen up the home ambience. There is neither an open flame, nor the use of heat to generate scent. It employs a non-porous container, a ceramic vase or a wine bottle with a narrow opening so that oil can evaporate slowly. Fill up three-quarters of the vase or container with base oils like sunflower oil or almond oil, while the remaining quarter comprises of essential oils such as eucalyptus, lavender or peppermint. Insert bamboo skewers, sticks or reeds; fragrant oils will then disperse throughout the home via the reeds.