‘After the Fight is Over’ – Focus on the Family Malaysia


Reconciliating differences once the storm has passed




It’s not the fights that should worry married couples; it’s what happens when the battles are over. Almost all husbands and wives experience conflict from time to time, which is not necessarily an unhealthy characteristic in any relationship. A verbal spat that stays within reasonable limits can open the window and give the couple a chance to vent frustrations and release some steam.

It takes two to tango – but when marital relationships fail, most couples generally drift apart




In healthy relationships, a period of confrontation ends in forgiveness, in drawing together, in deeper respect and understanding, and sometimes in sexual satisfaction. But in unstable marriages, conflict is never entirely resolved. This is a very dangerous situation, where the consequences of one battle begin to overlap with a prelude to the next. It’s a good idea for couples to take a close look at what happens in the aftermath of confrontation.



The rift between couples in conflict is gradually mended, given ample space and time to heal



Are there things that you’ve said or done that have grieved your partner? Do you need to ask forgiveness for attacking the self-worth of your spouse instead of focusing on the issues that divided you? Are there substantive matters that have yet to be resolved? Deal with them quickly before they fester and erode the relationship from within. This article was published with permission from Focus on the Family Malaysia. If you liked this article and would like to go deeper, we have some helpful resources at: www.family.org.my