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Marital bliss is a ‘happy-ever-after’ everlasting happiness…




The fundamental step towards marital bliss is making the commitment towards married life Working on your relationship with your spouse can result in a joyful marriage. But there may be an additional benefit: happy well-adjusted children. Children are akin to sponges. They see and hear everything, especially the stuff you don’t want them to. The way you treat your spouse makes a big impact on how kids treat the opposite sex. The best arena for children to learn the virtues of sacrifice, forgiveness, patience, and love is within the context of the family.



The essence of a happy marriage is all about affection and communication within the family.



By the example of godly parents, children learn loving, expressive communication. By listening to their parents talk, hearing their instruction and watching them relate to one another, children learn how to effectively communicate with others. And while your kids may say “gross!” when you snuggle and kiss, such loving affection promotes a sense of family stability. When parents talk and listen to one another and treat each other with kindness and tenderness, their children know that Mum and Dad really love each other.



Love them or hate them, children are the crowning glory and jewels of any happy family…



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