“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless—like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put it in a teapot, and it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.” – Bruce Lee.


By doing so, you will not fight, but adapt and change to perfectly fit into its new environment effortlessly. This formlessness and adaptability is a quality that everyone should strive to achieve wealth especially in today’s rapidly changes world.




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Being formless, you will be comfortable in any situation and environment to grow your wealth. To be wealthy, you need to move out from your comfortable zone and take challenges to progress further. However, moving out is not something pleasing to human beings No matter how small is the change, most people may feel at least uncomfortable.

When people are forced into any new situation, their natural reaction is either flees or fight to get back to the way things were. By emptying our mind, we will response like water. We will cling to our natural way, but reshape to fit our new level of wealth.

Due to our past experiences and backgrounds, we tend to create our self-created identity. However, if we are constantly changing; we can easily adapt to any new situation and rise to our level of wealth.






Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object and find a way round or through it.

Fluidity may appear to be the same thing as formless. One valuable distinction need to be made in regard to the point of stopping water when it is flowing. It will no matter what finds the path of least resistance automatically and follows it effortlessly. By doing so, you will always take the ride of the wave to grow your wealth without much effort or hesitation. In other words, you will follow the flow to accelerate your wealth energetically.

However, being fluid has slight difference from adapting to the new level of wealth especially in regards to dealing with obstacles. Every level has its opportunities and risks. Rather than slam into the obstacles, you let the nature take its course and glide around them. Here, the obstacle can be any form of blocks to your progress; tangible or intangible. In short, you abide to the rules but are not bound by it. Rules may change over the times. The bondage may hold you back to a certain extent. Therefore, we need to break and depart from them. So, being fluid will avoid these issues especially those bondages are from our mental and spiritual blocks that you are not aware off. Your progress will be much faster if you are not bound by them.




Adapt to the changes


In today’s fast changing business environment, we need to direct, drive and deliver simultaneous economic, social and environmental benefits – so called triple bottom line to achieve sustainable growth. So, do our wealth.

This is because we have so much challenges and risks arising from uncertainty.  To prosper further, new and refreshing ideas, possibilities and options need to explode. We can’t wear the 1900s glasses to see today’s things. We need to be transformed and see things from new perspectives or multi-dimensions.

New landscape need to be created for the informational economy where knowledge, skills and powerful mind required for the new challenges and risks associated with previously un-served markets.

Fast adoption and adaptation to the new environment will not drain out our energy, efforts and time to make the changes. These saved resources will then be channelled to accelerate our wealth. Its effect will then be compounded for greater impact.




Think differently


To deliver such a profound result, we need to think differently from the past so as to achieve different result. It is insane to expect different result by doing the same way again and again. Hence, good ideas, concepts and models become the key to continued success.

By doing so, we can become more creative and innovative of providing better solutions. Then, we need to have “creative destruction” to divest old economy of businesses and to invest in more society friendly enterprises to sustain long-term viability and value creation for our businesses.

By doing so, we open wider range of options and possibilities. In primary freedom, we utilise all ways to grow our wealth explosively and are bound by none. Likewise using these techniques or means to serve our end, efficiency, effectiveness and efficacy will be our scores. This “Disruptive Innovation” required a whole new way of thinking and operating in achieving wealth.

Efficiency in growing wealth explosively does not need any correct classical, traditional form. For something that is static, fixed, dead, there can be a way or definite path; but not for anything that is moving and living. In growing your wealth exponentially, there is no exact path or method, but instead a perceptive, choice. It grows from moment to moment. When growing our wealth enormously, we are not growing the definite way. Your target is a moving target, which is not in a fixed figure, but fluid and indefinite. Deal with it realistically.






Growing wealth is just like art. Express honestly and sincerely, the more complicated and restricted the approach, the less the opportunity for expression of one’s original sense of freedom. Though the methods play an important role in the early stage, the techniques should not be too mechanical, restrictive and complex. If we cling blindly to them, we shall eventually be bound by their limitation to grow our wealth. We must be a “being” to grow our wealth and not “doing”. Otherwise, you are the slave of doing and not master of being. One must be set free. The easy way is also the right way.

Simplicity also will make our goals clearer and not easily confused. As such, it is very much easier to focus on our goals due to its simplicity and becomes easier to communicate to our team members. Lots of red tapes can be eliminated so as its speed. Naturally, the chances of growing wealth are much higher and faster.





James Oh is a financial, wealth and mindset specialist, thinker, leader and intensive researcher with nearly 30 years of professional working experiences in various industries such as trading, construction, aviation, movies investment and distribution. He can be reached at .uk or jamesoh2003.blogspot.com.