Travel Smart with three game-changing Mobile Gadgets


Complement travel itineraries with portable smart transport devices…




‘Honda UNI-CUB U3-X’ solo transport


It all began in 2009 when Honda Corporation first announced its next generation of U3-X personal mobility device dubbed ‘UNI-CUB’ which represents the next evolution in portable transport systems. It features Honda’s proprietary balance control technology and revolutionary omnidirectional driving wheel system (i.e. Honda Omni Traction Drive System). Major advancements of such technologies enable the user to control motion and change direction by a simple shift or alignment of the user’s bodyweight. With multiple freedom of movement encompassing almost 360 degrees field of vision, maneuvering the UNI-CUB is child’s play, even among a busy crowd of walking pedestrians. Its wide range of motion coupled with multiple angle movement makes it an ideal single-seat portable transport purpose-built for the travelling individual, whereby flexibility and comfort is paramount. Bearing striking similarities to saddleback design, UNI-CUB possesses greater advantage to the former with the rider’s legs maintaining close ground contact. This truly gives new meaning to the term horse-back riding!uni-cub-honda1

Having a cruise top speed of just 3 miles per hour, the UNI-CUB is the perfect one-man rider which blends itself seamlessly within a sea of people and vehicles. This configuration certainly promotes harmony between the rider and pedestrians, allowing for an unobstructed driver’s view and a free-flowing motion plus great maneuverability. Although the UNI-CUB remains largely a concept vehicle, there has been renewed interest from private institutions to revive this project under a strategic partnership with private investors and venture capitalists. The dawn of minimalist transport systems have certainly come of age and there are bound to be more green personal transports roaming the streets in the foreseeable future.




‘CityGo Urban’ personal electric scooter


The advantage of navigating the city environment is undoubtedly the traffic bypassing capabilities of an electric scooter. The CityGo Urban certainly offers all that and much more. It is a personal e-scooter experience like no other since its uniquely lightweight, highly portable and incredibly innovative. Its urban-friendly design complements the hectic life of city folk as well as business executives. It is the perfect fit for working professionals and urban travelers alike. Having various accessories that would give luxury cars a run for their money, CityGo Urban truly transcends the definition of urban living and metropolitan lifestyle at its very best. A common grouse or complaint with public transportation is that city folks are seldom or rarely ferried directly to their doorstep. Traversing hard-to-reach places is truly the specialty personal transport systems such as the e-scooter. CityGo Urban is definitely designed to change the face urban commuting within the near future. The Urban is so compact, portable and convenient for your daily city trips. With a simple nip & tuck, this space-saving scooter folds away for easy storage.yadl83yualet7erpugpv

For the discerning urban riders, CityGo makes riding scooters a breeze and truly enjoyable. Traffic congestion is a thing of the past for a new breed of biking enthusiasts and scooting aficionados. The general public or mass population will surely approve of such minimalist, green and efficient mode of transport – the future of urban commuting is rest assured within “safe handles”. Beating the early morning jam and after-office rush hours poses no problem or challenge for this revolutionary single-scooter bike technology. Maneuvering tight lanes and urban traffic makes riding CityGo completely effortless as well as a real joy & pleasure. It is by definition a true maintenance-free e-scooter without the hefty price-tag of a bulky diesel-driven engine scooter. Set to bring the urban mobility revolution to the streets with its integrated kick-stand and charging port, you can literally park and charge the scooter anywhere offering standard/standalone charging booths or stations. Available in black & white, it retails at USD950 for a limited time only!




‘CowaRobot R1’ mobile smart suitcase


Imagine tugging at a trolley of groceries during shopping or hauling a baggage of wardrobe when catching your next flight – it all seems so dreary and exhausting, doesn’t it? Well, now you need no longer worry about all such oversized and cumbersome luggage. Enter COWAROBOT R1; a fully autonomous smart suitcase cum luggage/trolley that follows you wherever you go, whilst avoiding oncoming obstacles along its path. It is somewhat akin to a guide dog following its blind master – a crude but typical analogy to the master & servant role-play in progress. The robotics era has certainly come of age and human-beings have successfully integrated advanced AI (artificial intelligence) concepts into mobile and portable storage units. Traditionally, people needed to carry jumbo suitcases or trolley-bags to transport their travel luggage. With the R1, such practice will soon become irrelevant, redundant or even obsolete. Merging high-tech robotic AI with conventional carrier-bags seems extravagant, yet deemed practical in the immediate future. Travelling with your luggage & suitcases has never been so convenient or comfortable until now. COWAROBOT is literally the world’s first portable robotics suitcase that accompanies you at all times. With sophisticated features such as autonomous travel and obstacle avoidance, it frees your hands for other essential tasks, making travelling more pleasant. It is your trusty travel companion which follows your every footstep, by staying within its line of sight. It also features futuristic technology such as the CO-EYE depth sensor, the CO-MOVE autonomous following system, and the CO-SMART intelligent locks. Such smart tech were developed to allow the R1 to perceive the world around it, and analyze the best solution to reach its computed destination; all the while it keeps your stored valuables or treasured possessions safe & sound at all times. Its fully robotic AI (artificial intelligence) technology maneuvers through traffic virtually “hands-free”. Utilizing industrial/commercial robotic technologies to incorporate into household robotic applications truly makes for an ideal living. Get your own R1 today at only USD699 while promotion lasts. This limited offer comes with a 20-inch R1 suitcase, a portable power bank unit and a full-year service warranty.