Remodelling Your Kitchen Space – Before And After


Spruce up your kitchen with simple ideas and techniques…

Contrary to popular belief, renovating kitchen spaces need not be a hassle or a chore these days. In this day and age of the internet, countless self-help references and guidelines, as well as simple tips and techniques are readily available to home décor and renovation enthusiasts to make their kitchen space looking as lively and presentable as other living spaces within the home. The best trick to spruce up any kitchen is to first and foremost employ good quality kitchen lighting. Dull and dingy kitchen areas require serious brightening up since cooking activities generally require ample light to bring out the best contrast in most cooking environment. Spring cleaning the kitchen is another excellent and commendable option to liven up the space we normally perform our daily cooking. Painting kitchen walls with bright and lively colours such as pastel almost always bring out the cheer and put a smile in anyone’s face. Standard kitchen floor tiles must also be non-slip since working in kitchens are often hazardous with all the grease spills and oil stains everywhere. Installing a dishwasher may also greatly reduce or alleviate the hustle & bustle of cleaning up after cooking. Last but not least, say goodbye to a smelly kitchen by investing in a long-lasting fragrance dispenser, hooked up to the kitchen wall corner, to rid the foul air of unpleasant odours typically associated with traditional kitchen ambience. – HFM