Redefine Your Living Spaces With Beautiful Home Décor


Personalize your home with the best décor ideas for a dream lifestyle


A wise man once said, “Home is where the heart is.” A real home provides shelter and security for our family. A dream home is where we aspire to create a lifestyle and to live our dreams. For those who possess a reasonable budget, they can start with some light furnishing. Once you have grown accustomed to the DIY “handyman” culture, proceed with some serious renovation and refurbishment. Hiring professional interior decorators can be a tad pricey as they often charge exorbitant service fees. So why not ‘do-it-yourself’ then? Do get creative, be extra innovative and turn on your imaginative thinking caps! Go on a personal renovation spree today to spruce up all your unkempt living spaces within your humbly home. The quest towards seeking the best home décor begins with you!



amazing-excellent-small-living-room-home-theatre-system-decoration-zoomtm-intended-for-living-room-home-theater-ideasTechnology maketh the home, according to man. Gadgets and gizmos form a significant portion of any modern homes. Technology truly plays an indispensable role in today’s contemporary homes, even more so in the near future. The living room of today represents an ideal space for social interactions and casual conversations. It is time to redefine the home theatre in a set-top box. Spruce up your living room with a personal home theater. A dedicated home AV system is a must-have necessity in any home today. Explore the latest Wi-Fi technology and wireless applications to enhance device integration of all the components within your home theater. This is also part and parcel of your overall smart home platform or initiative. There are webcams, smart TVs, intelligent air-cons, home security applications (i.e. web apps) to consider for your dream home as well.




living_romance_07Make your bedroom a slumbering paradise. Adorn your bedroom with branded regal mattresses, exquisite quilts, silky satin sheets, premium plush pillows and warm fuzzy comforters. Bedroom walls should be painted in light pastel colours or soft earthy tones to maintain a cool and comfy mood. Lush carpets are a striking feature that complements any beautiful bedrooms. Preferably select an angora-like faux fur for a luxurious finish to your bedroom floor. Always set up a retractable table lamp for night reading whenever you are working late hours. For a good night’s sleep, an aromatherapy-type diffuser incorporating lavender essence or essential oils should do the trick of lulling you to sleep like a baby!





07-village-st-jeanTransform the bathroom into a personal spa. Bath-time should always be filled with scented fun and aromatic pleasure, especially for the ladies. A fine selection of toiletries, bath-room accessories, as well as premium fixtures and fittings can go a long way toward spicing up any cold and dingy bath places. For a warm and enjoyable bath, there is also the option to install a special “bathroom heater” – somewhat akin to a fire-place for the bathroom, particularly in cold weather or during the winter season. For bath lovers, you can also reserve an unused section of your bathroom for a dedicated bath-tub ala Cleopatra-style. This certainly adds zest, as well as a touch of class and luxury to a mediocre and mundane bathroom.