Art of Internet Entrepreneurship with Social Media Marketing


Starting up your own online business and cashing in on social media…


The continual mushrooming of new online business start-ups, ever since the advent of the information era, has almost come full circle. There will come a time, as with most businesses, a breaking point will be reached and saturation sets in. Yet how often do we anticipate the doom and gloom that is about to befall us during tough times? How often do businesses actually survive and succeed? How can you ensure that you are one of the select few that will see the light at the end of the tunnel? What does it take to make a truly successful business? Following are key guidelines as to how to evade the eventual collapse of the next “Internet bubble”. If there is any consolation, the digital revolution is definitely here to stay. Fear not the tides of change, but embrace the inevitable wave of technological overtures, and bare witness as your business grows, develops and prospers!




603c93205ec3f11a2251c93ff832655dEngage your potential clientele

One of the most important tenets of marketing is to hold on to your customers. Engaging your customers by providing them with premium products and essential services certainly goes a long way toward keeping your potential clientele. Also, adding value to all your products and services are an instant bonus which would translate into brand loyalty in the long run. Keeping in touch with your clients regularly – follow up with their specific wishes, general needs and fundamental requirements. Maintaining a close rapport as well as strengthening customer relations is equally important – network with your customers weekly to keep them in constant contact with you, both personally and professionally. It has been said that enquiries from customers are an indirect form of flattery which reflects positively upon your brand. It is best to reciprocate their passion and enthusiasm with your care and support. Customer support services nowadays are often underrated and under-budget, which is also a tell-tale sign of dwindling sales and a faltering brand. With today’s advanced social media platforms, there are a myriad of alternatives to engage and network with customers via messaging apps.




147731546Delegate work and outsource tasks

There are times when a company is faced with the burden of an excessive workload, coupled with an under-staffed workforce. This is where companies choose to delegate work among their own employees to save cost. However, when the burden of work-sharing becomes increasingly cumbersome, impractical or untenable, they tend to engage the services of ‘temps’ (i.e. temporary staff from recruiting agencies), who also serves and functions as interns. The ‘out-sourcing’ of work to other foreign companies and external third parties is quite common-place in today’s workplace environment. The widespread trend of outsourcing jobs to other organizations and institutions have given rise to work opportunities for recruitment firms, consulting companies, temp agencies and media services alike. It practically allows you to approach your clientele with smart tactics and compelling strategies more efficiently. When you spend less time on little tasks to focus on bigger ones, your business grows much faster than you think. Outsourcing, in many aspects, essentially enables your brand to move forward with an innovative campaign from a refreshing and creative perspective.




Marketing-Keyboard-e1380954893194Organize your online businesses

There are times when businesses would tend to overthink and to overdesign their online platforms, in particular portals, web pages and social media sites, in order to stand out from the crowd or competition. Generating web traffic typically boils down to user-defined presence attributed to clicks, views, shares, and eyeballs. Overpowering multimedia elements such as sexy images, flashy animation and trashy music can sometimes hurt or harm potential viewership and prospective audience. The website itself as a whole should be user-friendly with easy-to-read text, captions and headlines. Bottom-line is users must be able to surf, browse and navigate the web with ease and comfort. It is also good practice to maintain a detailed and comprehensive mailing list of all your regular clientele. Also, provide them with the necessary or relevant offers, discounts, promotions and incentives such as daily newsletters, free downloads, exclusive giveaways, limited edition e-books, and a host of other material and freebies to get them to join or sign up.




online--marketingTo optimize, or not to optimize

The issue of optimizing search engines has far-reaching consequences for the digital market, specifically for the advertising and marketing industry. Short-term impact of over-optimization of SEO remains unclear and potentially ambiguous at best. It defines how a webmaster manipulates a website to rank significantly better within search engines or web portals, i.e. whenever web searches are physically performed by users. Overzealous optimization can in some cases result in websites being outlawed or banned from actualizing and retrieving their search results. Over-optimization will also result in a brand appearing less appealing than it actually is. It is better to be direct and straightforward, minus the subterfuge and trivialities. Some of us still think we can fool or outsmart customers with our “bluff”, but customers are smart too, and they can see through all the “fluff” that is presented. It also makes the brand less trustworthy before it was optimized.




digital-marketingDiscover your ‘niche’ or specialty

Discover more about your company’s brand – what sets it apart from others, and what makes your brand so special among your industry peers. If competitiveness in business is anything to go by, you will certainly experience some degree of antagonism from fellow competitors and business rivals alike. Is it the type of product being offered, or the quality of service rendered? The essence of any kind of business is undoubtedly customer satisfaction which ranks high among product value and business profitability. Meeting customers’ needs and wishes, creating a good business rapport, and fostering a close working relationship inherently create good business sensibility. Over time, your business will be rewarded for the uniqueness of its product line, and the exclusivity of its brand name. Gaining due recognition from loyal users is perhaps what makes success that much sweeter. 




fevdfvdfvdfIntegrate social media marketing

The implementation of social media in internet entrepreneurship contributes to the substantial reduction in overall marketing cost, as well as creates a long-term impact and impression for the brand in question. Better customer service and long-lasting rapport translates into greater profits and enhanced brand loyalty among the company’s clientele. Building client trust is fundamental in generating more sales for the entire organization. Lending an online voice to the general masses also helps humanize online businesses, and establishes vital connections with your networking downlines. Incorporating niche or unique “value-added” information via creative content marketing is without doubt the ideal solution and best course of action for aspiring entrepreneurs and business start-ups. In today’s Information Age and Digital Revolution, there are many online digital media platforms and many more social media applications to complement those platforms. We have only begun to scratch the virtual surface of an online world of data mining, digital warfare and cyberspace battlegrounds. Indeed, social media is the sole driving force and engine of growth that can make or break any business!