Randi Zuckerberg ~ Empowering Women Through Tech!


Facebook founder’s big sister is taking America social media by storm!



Who is Randi Zuckerberg? Well, her last name being Zuckerberg gives you a clear hint of her kinship relation to the iconic Facebook founder. And yes, she is the elder sister of Mark Zuckerberg. She is among a handful of female leaders in the information technology industry. She is widely touted and highly rated as the next technology icon, and has even been compared to the current CEO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg. Having served as the Director of Market Development for Facebook for five years (2005 – 2011), she has now expanded her portfolio to include her own startup company, aptly titled Zuckerberg Media – essentially a marketing firm and production company dealing with Fortune 500 corporations. She is currently taking the social media world by storm with her many niche collaborations and countless appearances on radio, television and the internet.




Future female tech icon


She is the principal founder and chief executive officer of Zuckerberg Media, a social media startup modelled after Facebook. She is also a New York Times best-selling author; a host of “Dot Complicated” on SiriusXM radio; and the editor-in-chief of Dot Complicated. She currently serves as a mentor on Oxygen TV “Quit Your Day Job,” and as an executive producer of “Dot” – a children’s television show based upon her maiden children’s storybook. She also has regular stints on CNBC and NBC’s the TODAY Show, as well as CNN, Good Morning America, Fox Business, Bloomberg News, and ABC’s World News. She is a media correspondent for the 2016 Tony Awards, and also the World Economic Forum in Davos. She was also recently appointed as a Young Global Leader for the World Economic Forum.

Today’s social media landscape is constantly abuzz with activity, hence it is little wonder that tech players are taking advantage of the buzz surrounding the latest social media phenomena. Naturally, no one knows the tech world better than Randi Zuckerberg herself. With a wealth of experience in social media, thanks in no small part to Facebook itself, she has developed an insatiable appetite for everything social media. From championing women’s rights in corporate America to advocating for equal remuneration between both sexes in Greater Silicon Valley, she has consistently won the praise of both colleagues and peers alike.




Empowering the fairer sex


A growing demand for skilled workers in the STEM (i.e. science, technology, engineering and mathematics) industries is accelerating at a frantic pace, but their various talents and skillsets are unable to match its phenomenal growth rate. Ultimately, a sustainable workforce with ample supply of tech professionals forms the essence of a successful tech industry. A paltry 23 percent of workers in this highly-skilled professional group comprise mainly women as compared to other occupational sectors. The under-representation of women is definitely a cause for concern, particularly among the next generation of millennials and Gen-Z’s.

Perhaps the rigorous requirements compounded by the specialized skills needed have always deterred women from engaging in active participation and positive contribution towards general society. Science and technology will continue to play a significant role towards empowering and enlightening women. In bridging the technological gap underlying both genders, it would thus take a paradigm shift towards changing social stereotypical perceptions. Even in today’s advanced technological society, the long-standing disparity in pay between men and women still constitutes a real issue of contention that continues to persist up till today.




Breaking the glass ceiling


Having the desire and passion is one thing. But in order for women to break through the corporate glass ceiling, much more needs to be done to elevate or to propel women’s status in matching the skillsets possessed by men. Unsurprisingly, men continue to dominate the technology profession, leaving only a select few of women occupying the top spots or positions in corporate tech giants. With limited representation of women in the upper echelons of corporate America, it is inevitable that women continue to be sidelined amidst the many policy-making decisions and technological breakthroughs associated with women. In an annual census or survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges & Employers, computer science and engineering majors were most fancied or favoured among female students. In a twist of irony, female graduates consistently trumped men by performing far better than their male counterparts in the academic arena. Sadly, when it comes to securing actual high-valued or high-paying jobs, women tend to lose out to men. The ‘entitlement mentality’ that has long favoured men over women will continue to pervade America’s corporate culture and workforce.




Reimagining social media


It is without doubt that Randi Zuckerberg will have her hands full in consolidating her new tech upstart. Despite the fact that she steers her own ship and is the boss of her own business empire, comparisons will inadvertently be drawn between Facebook and Zuckerberg Media. Coincidentally, she will be introduced as one of three primary keynote speakers during the upcoming National Achievers Congress 2017 Malaysia (“Growing Leaders, Driving Change”) to be held at One World Hotel, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya from 20 – 21 May. Widely regarded as one of the most anticipated event highlights of the year, NAC 2017 is exclusively organized by Success Resources Malaysia Group – a Malaysian company specializing in wealth-creation seminars, motivational-driven courses and success-inspired bootcamps. In conjunction with NAC 2017 Malaysia, Randi Zuckerberg will also be presenting fresh new ideas and unique insider perspective into the world of social media and business communications. She will also be joined alongside her maiden talk by iconic figures and established luminaries such as Mark Sanborn, Dr. John Demartini, J.T. Foxx, Kevin Green, Gerry Robert, Peng Joon, Gary Chua, Sandy Jadeja, and Kathlyn Toh. The prestige two-day event also features masterclass seminars, professional courses and other related programs. For more information on Success Resources and National Achievers Congress Malaysia, kindly visit their websites: www.srpl.net , and .


 “The only way you’re going to be successful is if you admit what you don’t know and you ask for help.” – Randi Zuckerberg, CEO & founder, Zuckerberg Media.