Introducing PropRebate, the first property cashback platform in Malaysia


An eye opening new platform that kills (connects) convenience and cashback benefits with one stone (your request)




Kuala Lumpur, 4 June 2018 – Riding on the waves of innovating Malaysia’s real estate industry, Pepite Technology Sdn Bhd is announcing their newly launched property cashback platform, PropRebate.com, a service that assists home buyers towards purchasing their dream property in efforts on simplifying and shortening the long and tedious processes that goes along with it. 

With the local real estate industry being somewhat unshaken by the ever evolving technological revolution over the past years, the overall structure of the industry has proven outdated and inconvenient, causing Gadiy Lim, the co-founder of Bumbung.co alongside Chief Technology Officer Ped Rahmati, who previously served as the Director of Software Engineering at Monster Technologies Malaysia to bring about the positive change with the disruption of the property purchasing processes by combining a few steps and creating value through cashback benefits.



PropRebate aims to bring about time and cost efficiency for property buyers by directly keying in their requirements and connecting them with our vast network of sellers and agents which has 5 relevant listings. With the buyer’s knowledge, a quick check with the bank will verify the buyer for their ability to attain a mortgage loan, improving the quality of each buyer. For the first time, buyers will no longer be left in the dark knowing that their loan may be rejected (which actually affects the buyer’s ability of attaining a loan next time).
The verification of buyers in the buyers report generated by PropRebate will be a bargaining point for Seller’s to act swiftly to secure a serious buyer.


A buyer could also request a property that they’ve already been eyeing on by getting in touch with PropRebate to notify them, the property’s Agent / Seller will be contacted by PropRebate to invite them on to the platform. Once a property is bought / sold, the buyer uploads their copy of the stamped and signed Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) to PropRebate.com and can benefit on the additional cash back from PropRebate (starting from RM1,500 for the smallest property price of RM300k).

We understand what property buyers are going through and with today’s listing platforms, the buyers are faced with too much noise among the hundreds of thousands of listings which does not help to make home finding easier but instead adds on to time consumption. Fortunately, we took this as an opportunity to create something valuable for our buyers. By innovating the purchasing process that buyers and sellers have to deal with, we ultimately shorten the property acquisition process down to as little steps as possible.” said Gadiy, co-founder of Proprebate.



The platform also secondarily acts as a support system to local real estate agents as a lead generation engine, guaranteeing hassle free deals with serious buyers. When asked about if it’s removing Agents out from the property deals, Lim responded, “PropRebate does not remove them, but we engage them for their professional services of handling the opening of premises, deposits and the conveyance of the property.” “The real estate industry has not been impacted by disruption and has grown to become a market with an infinite supply. We see this as an advantage; our aim is to quickly be the market leader for demand (buyer’s). We’ve seen a positive take as we’ve successfully seen 4 of 5 buyers go on their first property viewing within the same week.” added Lim.



For home seekers looking to experience the latest in Malaysian property technology services in purchasing a home can do so by heading over to PropRebate.com from the 1st of June onwards.




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