Instant Sleeping Booths: A Popular Hit With Lodging Patrons


Instant Sleeping Booths: A Popular Hit With Lodging Patrons


A quick nap begins with revolutionary Japanese-styled capsule pods



Finding hotel accommodation a hassle or are you put off by its exorbitant rates? Well, now you can get a good rest or a quick doze with the capsule-pod inspired hotel room. Modeled after Japanese capsule-theme sleeping booths, they are available for time lease or hourly rental. Yearning for an ‘out-of-this-world’ hotel experience of sleeping in a self-contained pod or mini-hotel room, complete with bed, lights, and TV? For those eager to try them out, these sleeping berths or crashing pods are available now right here in Malaysia. Office executives and business individuals should find this option rather catchy with their busy lifestyle and hectic schedule; also ideal for those on a tight budget. Dozing off during office hours is now possible with Time Capsule Hotel at Lebuh Chulia, Penang – situated within George Town Heritage Zone. Book your place today and sleep like a baby!



The hotel itself is similar in concept to the ones seen in Japan whereby one crawls into a compartment no longer than a standard adult male body. But be warned of claustrophobic effects with the tight spaces encountered. Most hotel patrons prefer a unique sleepover experience, somewhat like a staycation of sorts, minus the frills and hassles. It started off as a revolutionary idea – a minimalist sleeping pod with built-in ‘state-of-the-art’ climate control. These high-tech capsule pods are wildly popular in high-density nations such as Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan whereby guests enjoy the lure of their compact yet comfortable design. It was a matter of time before the trend caught on with Malaysian hoteliers. Guests have the option of either single or double capsule; reasonably priced at between RM62 per night and RM102 per night respectively. Each capsule is illuminated by a plush blue glowing light which radiates warmth and relaxation. It also comes equipped with air-conditioning, LED television, storage safe, and more. Privacy and safety is rest assured with a sliding door which can be locked from inside out.920664_15102815390037248744

Female travelers who seek additional privacy will be pleased to know that the capsule units on one of the floors of the five-storey hotel are strictly reserved for women only. Bathrooms typically mirror that of other dormitory-styled guest houses where men and women have separate communal showers as well as toilet areas. Capsules or pod-themed hotels like the above are spearheading the market to stand out from the competition. The local hotel industry generally needs to diversify away from budget hotels, which is gradually becoming saturated due to overcrowding from boutique hotels and other motels. Premier hotels also face stiff competition from staycations and rental lodges, such as the iconic AirBnB.



The hospitality industry has been undergoing constant revamps or upgrades by providing more niche offerings like capsules or boutique hotels which provide guests with a more fulfilling experience. The market has been fairly encouraging at the moment with occupancy rates at a modest seventy percent. Suffice to say, guests are generally happy with this new “cyber offering”, with some attesting to the novelty of living in a capsule. The lure of capsule hotels as a ‘love nest’ is truly legendary; whenever guests get bitten by the “love bug”, or hit by Cupid’s arrow. Travelers staying in these hotels have even found their soulmates when bonding over board games, exchanging travel tips, as well as surfing the Internet. Overall, the capsule hotel is a novel experience which will wow and engage Malaysians for a long time to come. It is indeed a smart way to have a nap on the go! – HFM