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Making Interior Design Hassle-free and Affordable for Everyone Else




The soon-to-be launching on December 14th, 2016 of FURMINGO, an evolution of Interior Design Industry has certainly created some fresh sparks and buzz in the home design marketplace. With its tagline Design Beyond Imagination, the Interior Design Software Platform aims to make interior design hassle-free and affordable for everyone. The journey of FURMINGO began with an invitation to Frank Wong to become one of the investors. When this opportunity came knocked the door, the experienced Interior Designer invested without hesitation. The reason is simple, being an Interior Designer himself, Frank understands how time consuming it can be for an Interior Designer to render a 3D plan the traditional way. He was later appointed by the Management Team as the Group CEO for FURMINGO. Holding on to a simple mission of helping more Interior Designers to get more work done in lesser time at a lower cost, FURMINGO allows its subscribed members to produce their work by using the software and later showcase their designs on the platform for marketing and publicity. According to Frank, there is a huge potential for FURMINGO in both Malaysian & Singaporean markets. There was a total of 400,000 property transactions recorded in year 2015, as well as a number of 37 interior design colleges in Malaysia & Singapore.



Sometimes, it can take weeks to come out with one plan. Also, finding suitable furniture can be a big headache. So we hope to create something that can help to solve the problem, hence the birth of FURMINGO. The statistics show that out of the 400,000 transactions, only 20% engages an interior designer, whereas 80% don’t. We are talking about a market size of USD10 Billion (i.e. interior design & renovation) and a total of 20,000 Interior Designers and 5,000 Home Renovators. They are our potential market, so we are looking to drive them to our platform, and to convert them into members. Looking at the potentials within the market, we are very positive about our future direction, we truly hope that our platform will be a great help to the Interior Designers. And when the time is right, we will extend FURMINGO from B2B to B2C so the end-users can ride on this trend and benefit from it too.”  – Frank Wong, Group CEO, FURMINGO.



That is also the reason why FURMINGO has been working aggressively with a group of like-minded industry players to add more value to the platform. For example, it has recruited more than 100 merchants that contributed to its data centre. Moving forward, the company is looking to have more and more merchants joining the business. With the support from its merchant partners, FURMINGO is able to provide one-of-its-kind-type-of-services within a few clicks, which include features like Big Data Centre – a myriad of furniture, decorative items, electronic products, etc. to choose from.


Instant File-Sharing – members can instantly share their works online or offline.


Instant Quotation – as every item in the data centre is listed with its real-time price, one gets an instant quotation the moment they render their designs.


Direct Connectivity – the details of the merchants are listed in the software, making them just a click away from the internet marketplace and online trading.


Cloud Storage – all designs are kept in cloud storage, so the risk of loss is minimal.


Artificial Intelligence – the AI system provides an instant 3-D view of the designs.


720°VR View – this feature provides better illustration whereby all the stored designs can be viewed vividly on both desktop computers as well as smartphones.


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A team comprising of local and regional industry players, FURMINGO is eyeing not only the local and regional markets, but also the global market too. Currently, FURMINGO is led by the Regional Management Team, Frank Wong (Group CEO), John Ong (Managing Partner) and Stephen Pang (Managing Partner). The trio are supported by Co-Founder Team, Iko In from Creative Home Magazine, Ind’finity Design, Ruang Interior Design, NU-INFINITY Interior Design and Mr. Kumar, the Founder of WCD Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s largest wallpaper distributor.





Why FURMINGO? Our concept is simple!


FUR = Furniture

MIN = with Minimal effort

GO = and you are good to GO


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We want to create a platform that everyone can easily design their dream home plan, with the help of our software that houses a myriad of tools, furniture, decorative items and many more. And why chose Flamingo as our logo? Besides the vivid colour of its feathers that made it one of the most beautiful birds in the world; we are looking at its behaviour. Flamingos are known to be very sociable birds, they stick together in colonies or flocks, from few hundred to tens of thousands of birds. Due to its sociable nature, two or more flamingo species can even coexist in the same habitat harmoniously. The big flock size gives flamingos an advantage in terms of strength, especially over their predators. As the saying goes, if you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together; we built our business with similar belief, that is to gather like-minded people under one great platform (habitat), to leverage on each other’s strength, to do more things, to produce great results and to assist people. For media enquiries:- Steve Wee | Email: | Mobile: +6012 3960 884


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