Damages by Heavy Rain and Wind around Petaling Jaya


Inclement weather wrecks havoc on PJ residents at Taman Mayang…



17 April 2017, Petaling Jaya: The Situation



The heavy rain and wind on 16th April 2017 has caused untold damages in multiple places within Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Total damage inclusive of automobiles and properties remain unclear and unaccounted for. Nevertheless, an estimated five houses and four cars have been severely damaged during the incident. In addition, there was an occurrence of heavy traffic on the opposite side of the road from LRT Kelana Jaya due to the debris of fallen trees all over the place.



This incident led to a severe disruption of daily activities of Petaling Jaya citizen, Malaysia particularly residents of Taman Mayang. There were two huge fallen trees in the vicinity causing substantial damage to parked cars and nearby homes. Susilla, 58, who is a housewife and the mother of two children, refused to be interviewed with regard to the incident as she was deeply traumatized. During the incident, she was in the car with her second child and managed to escape unhurt.



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Action by the Authorities

Several damages around Petaling Jaya had resulted in the delay in emergency response to reach their respective locations. Zulyawati, 39 (a neighbour to the victims) had tried to contact the emergency response teams such as TNB, Bomba (Fire Department), Ambulance and Police to request for immediate action to rescue her neighbours who had been trapped by the fallen trees. According to her, “The secretary of people’s representative for the location has visited and provided moral support to affected families. He advised the victims to report the incident to the Department of Landscape for further action and attention”.




Moving forward, as a responsible community, we are expecting more strategic steps to be developed by the respective teams, and also to define the emergency plans needed to reach the affected areas and victims as fast as possible in the foreseeable future. In conclusion, together we try our level best to avoid the loss of lives and damage to properties in the event of untoward incidents. For further enquiry or incidence reporting around your neighbourhoods and communities, kindly contact the following numbers5 / +6, or email: . Alternatively, you may visit Homefinder TV @ YouTube at: