The Unstoppable Millionaire: An Interview with Tahir Hussain


The Unstoppable Millionaire: An Interview with Tahir Hussain


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In a world of wealth creation, there are countless financial icons and success gurus who espouse the fundamentals of wealth and the tenets of success. Tahir Hussain is one of the many who truly believes and epitomizes the real meaning of financial freedom. Henry David Thoreau, a renowned 19th century American philosopher, once proclaimed, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” He has been a constant source of inspiration to those who dream big – with a simple change in mindset, we can set ourselves to achieving almost anything in life. In short, no success is too big to dream, and no dreams too big to succeed! Homefinder Malaysia recently has had the privilege to interview the magnanimous Tahir Hussain who shared his vision and mission towards real estate investment, entrepreneurship, making money, among others. We wish to recognize and congratulate him for being a great entrepreneur and exceptional real estate investor. His work has received rave reviews globally. He is among the few maverick investors and outstanding entrepreneurs of his era – a commanding presence and father-figure to fellow investors and entrepreneurs alike, including those who have worked alongside him in a challenging profession throughout his brilliant career. The following below is an excerpt to the interview.

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As a property investor, what are your aspirations for the future of regional housing industry with respect to real estate development and property investment, particularly in terms of Malaysian homeownership?


In the area of real estate development, Malaysian home owners are constantly hungry for properties, especially low-cost housing that is affordable. As of now, demand for low-cost housing is sky-high, but supply is rather limited or dwindling. As an investor, I would look at venturing into building more low-cost housing since rental rates are excellent and occupancy rates practically at 100%. It will also give the most needed relief to below-average as well as middle-class home buyers to have a place of their own. In the property investment segment, we have a lot of emotional sellers. As an investor, the trick is not to get emotional, but to “hold on to your horses” as they say, and wait for the market to rebound or pick up.



How long have you been a property investor and what drives your passion and quest for success? What are the key factors needed to embark in a noble profession such as an estate agent or a realtor?


I began with property investment back in 2004 in Dubai, U.A.E., so it has been twelve long years since venturing into properties. My passion is all about empowering people as I have always thought, how I could add value to the market in ways and methods most people would not want to do. The thing is we need to empower average citizens, as well as middle-class communities, since they are the future of the country. Success is a journey not a destination. My quest for success is to challenge myself daily knowing that I have so much more to offer to the world than what I have already done thus far. My success lies in knowing that I am doing my part in making the world a better place. Key success factors for estate agents or realtors:-


  1. Be a great communicator.
  2. Building credibility with your buyer, they have to like you and trust you. Gradually earn their trust.
  3. Be honest and sincere, even if that means as an estate agent you make lesser money.
  4. Be ready to adapt, learn and grow. This is a great way on how you can constantly add more value to your customers.
  5. Learning to solve problems. Successful estate agents are generally great problem solvers.
  6. Put in the extra work hours when needed, do not think of yourself as a person doing a ‘nine-to-five’ (9-5) job.
  7. Improve on your sales and marketing skills, enjoy exploring this area.
  8. Be driven by actions, and ask yourself this question: How many hours a day can you put yourself in front of buyers or sellers? The answer you derive will drive your success accordingly.




On a professional note, what do you think are the relevant traits necessary to be a great investor and a successful entrepreneur?

One of the traits to be a great investor that I use is “Be Ready to Lose”. It gets to a lot of people by surprise when I say that, what I mean is not that you should lose money, what I mean is that how would you react emotionally if you did lose money? Can you tame that emotion? In a boxing ring, the boxer who is willing to get the most hits and fight is the one who will become fearless and stands a better chance to win. Many investors are driven by a fear of failure which stops them from reaching their full potential. What if we could change that train of thought and become fearless? I can assure you, with just this trait alone you are in for massive success. Some essential traits as a real estate investor may include:-


Know what you want and what is the purpose of investment?

  1. Know the market and make a plan to execute your purpose.
  2. Stay educated, learn the ropes and refill your knowledge.
  3. Understand the pitfalls and the risks involved.
  4. Build networks – your network is your net-worth.
  5. Know your cash-flow and your profit opportunities.


I have also written a book on successful entrepreneurship – “The Unstoppable Millionaire”, how to stay undefeated in 9 simple steps. Successful entrepreneurs should have some of these basic traits: they should be great in selling, have awesome networking skills, understanding cash flow and money management, passionate about what they do, not fearful of failing, be open-minded, believe in themselves before anyone else can believe in them, and not afraid to take risks.

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So you plan to invest in FilinVest, Philippines. Care to comment or elaborate?


I have already invested in time, energy and money with Filinvest Corp when we decided to launch its first property showcase right here in Kuala Lumpur. As we grow with them, we are committed to doing much more. They are exceptional in their services. I usually call them a “one-stop shop” for property purchasing, banking loans and property management. Backed by over USD2.5 billion in assets and decades of experience, I am truly excited into venturing into many more projects with them as we grow and prosper. A very important part of investing in The Philippines is the perception of what people think of Philippines as a nation. I would strongly encourage investors to take a closer look at this amazing country that is growing at such a massive pace and see why real estate there is booming.




What are your initial impressions and personal thoughts/views regarding our inaugural Noble Excellence Awards 2016? And how would you rate the great Tunku Sr. Fauzi Malek as an iconic property guru?


I am absolutely in love with the initiative taken by your company for conceiving the Noble Excellence Awards 2016. I would like to congratulate you on that and would love to see you expand this idea into different regions of the world. As buildings and developers rapidly start changing the skylines of Malaysia, such an award is much needed for property developers to compete and strive for excellence. This would be a great journey as we look back in time for creating quality and excellence whereby every developer would want to be a part of such an award. Tunku Sr. Fauzi Malek, an amazing human being whom I have known for over 4 years, is simply unstoppable. He has shaped and done massive work for Malaysians, whether it is the end user or an investor, whether it has to do with the real estate laws of the country or the real estate agents, his dedication to growth and development of this industry is none like what I have seen before and I am so proud of him. His patriotism to his country and to see a great change in the lives of the many drives him to do what he does, indeed he is an icon and an awesome property guru. It is an honour to be a part of this journey with him.

“Passion driven. Excellence inspired.”




If you could change the world, what is the first thing that crosses your mind? How would you go about changing your own world?


The first thing that comes to my mind is education. I believe that change comes from within. The first thing to change anything outside is to change what is inside of us. I have spent almost two decades educating and sharing my knowledge and skills with over 500,000 people around the world. The world we live in has dire challenges as we grow, and the first thing that needs to change is “education”. I have seen a city (i.e. Dubai) grow from sand dunes to ultimate luxury – becoming an iconic city in the world via the tremendous power of education. I am doing my small part in the form of running ‘The Unstoppable Millionaire Academy’, where we teach train, build, coach and educate people from different walks of life on how they could empower themselves and grow their wealth. The key is to create entrepreneurs of the 21st century where they take charge of their lives through empowering mindset, skills and everything else needed to make them succeed.

The way how I went about changing my world was starting with me, I decided to step up and educate myself and be around with “movers and shakers” all around the world. I started listening and being with great entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Gerry Roberts, Less Brown, Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, and the list goes on. I invested my time, energy and money to keep growing and seeing how these great minds have grown and impacted the world. As I started changing, my world around me started changing as well.





Any advice or message to those who wish to emulate your career path? What do you believe are the essential qualities that define a truly successful life?


My message to those who want to emulate what I do. There are times when things will not work the way you want them to work, what will keep you going in those moments? Those moments will define you from the rest of the world. Why will you not give up? Think what drives you and what you are passionate about and as long as you can become unstoppable, the world is yours for the taking. A truly successful life is to balance between personal and professional life. While you are working hard to be successful in business or investments, never ignore or take your family for granted. If a person can find a balance in personal and professional life regardless how bad things are, he or she will be truly successful.



Do you have any inspirational icons and heroes whom you look up to, admire profoundly or worship dearly? Please do share with us!


Yes, I do have mentors and inspirational icons such as Sir Richard Branson whom I am expect to meet this December; Tony Robbins whom I had an opportunity to meet a few years back; the late Jim Rohn; Gerry Roberts who is running a USD100 million business from whom I got tremendous wealth of knowledge; I’ve been a student of Robert Kiyosaki, Less Brown as well as Nick Vujicic. I highly recommend readers to look for mentors who have accomplished what they aspire to become, follow them closely and be in their company. It’s truly a great place to and grow!




About Tahir Hussain

Tahir Hussain has in impressive portfolio in the world of business and technology. Brought up in Dubai UAE, although he came from a humble family background, he got his first break in business at a young age of 17. In just a short span of 10 years, he had earned his first million, leading him to become a multi-millionaire merely a year later. Over the years, Tahir has become a qualified software engineer who studied and trained in the U.S. He was also a financial planner and a peak sales performer. His substantial achievement in the real estate industry gained him an award by the Rulers’ Office of Dubai. Following his years of success and immense wealth creation, he is proud to state that he has never worked for anyone else throughout his entire life, nor does he ever plan to do so in the future! Tahir knows the importance of giving back to society, which is why he shares his success principles with others through being a life coach, a motivational speaker, and a personal development trainer. Tahir is also the owner of the ‘Unstoppable Millionaire Academy’, whereby individuals get to learn more in-depth strategies about how to truly focus on things that matter and achieve their life-long dreams.

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