Do What You Love, And Love What You Do!


The key to a successful life lies with loving what you do best!

We have heard it all before, many swear by its prowess. Most espouse its philosophy and lived by its motto. It is ever-present at leadership camps, success seminars and motivational forums. Discovering a career path or career choice that rhymes or resonates with your passion is not as simple or straightforward as we are often led to believe. Being passionate about your career generally makes you want to work harder at your job as well. So when you start feeling the heat, stress or pressure at work, it is not a legitimate or valid excuse to start claiming you are in the wrong line of employment.  Nonetheless, incorporating joy and passion into your daily routine should be deemed as something positive, but not necessarily a walk in the park. Often times, work can turn out to be fun if we possess the right kind of mentality and attitude towards our job. In reality, chores need not always be mundane or boring. The key is to treat your job as a hobby or pastime, and you will discover that you do love your job after all!


Passion is important, but not essential. It is always good to be passionate about one’s job – having the enduring desire and inclination for one’s work usually translates into long-term progress, better productivity and greater personal development. Making a good living from one’s passion is always a bonus towards a good life, although reality is somewhat less rosy than it appears to be. Pursuing alternative avenues to complement one’s income stream is another smart way towards attaining a decent living and comfortable lifestyle. It is an undisputable fact that exclusive and specialized career fields offer the best pay, whatever the degree of your talent. Passion may not pay the bills, but passion drives us to achieve excellence and motivates us to reach greater heights. Just as there is no perfect candidate in a marriage, the ideal job is also a myth in the work market-place. We should never be misled into the belief and perception that all is well and sunny. Adoring one’s job and enjoying one’s work is fine, but do bear in mind the menial tasks and daily drudgery still ahead.


Celebrated television personality and entertainment icon Oprah Winfrey once exclaimed, “It doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from. The ability to triumph begins with you!” You will never go wrong by working hard for the job you have come to love. Loving your job and being committed to your work is indeed a wonderful thing. All of us get the added feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment after a hard day’s work. There are times though that job satisfaction represents much more than merely getting our salary on time at the end of each month. Apart from building a livelihood, we sometimes need to pause, destress and take long break – holidays or vacations often do the trick for most of us. At times, it is not just the work we love that matters, but the reward and satisfaction of a job well done. A great job requires extraordinary effort and countless overtimes. No doubt the pay is good, but is it worth the long hours spent? Ultimate, it all boils down to the options and opportunities we are presented in life. Whatever the reasons, always do what you love and you will never have to work for another day in your entire life! – HFM