The Last Word – The Joy of Mopping


Be truly inspired by the joy of household cleaning like never before!

Ever wondered why mopping can be a fun activity rather than a boring chore? For mothers throughout the world, cleaning the house can be quite a mundane task – cleaning is one activity that literally takes up half of your life. With modern technology and today’s unlimited choice of household products, you can definitely take the boredom out of cleaning and put in more joy into your life.

Enter Joy Mangano – a single mother of three who had an idea about cleaning her home which led to the invention of her iconic ‘Miracle Mop’, some 25 years ago. She also single-handedly revolutionised the home living industry with her many brilliant ideas and myriad of innovative products, as well as making millions along her journey. Incidentally, the rags-to-riches styled real-life story of Joy Mangano was adapted to the big screen with the debut of the film ‘Joy’ – the brainchild of directorial genius David O’Sullivan and starring Hollywood’s glam girl Jennifer Lawrence, which also won her a Golden Globe for her role in the movie.

Ordinary things in life need not always remain ordinary in a person’s life. For Joy, designing home products has always been her forte and her greatest pleasure. Designing simple and easy-to-use household products for ordinary folks and homemakers has also been her life-long dream and passion. Her eye for detail and her sense of perfection have made her products even more meaningful and successful. The truth is, with the right mindset and the correct attitude, anyone can achieve almost anything. It is the trivial stuff – the nitty-gritty and the little details – which often produces the biggest breakthroughs. Her secret to her success is always trying to make things a little bit better and a little bit brighter. To her, finding joy in everything that she does has got nothing to do with work but everything to do with passion. “I’m an inventor. When I’m designing a product, everything in my mind is about, how is it going to make your life simpler? I guess that’s just how I look at things.” – Joy Mangano, inventor and product innovator.

We can certainly take a page from her life book and learn from her experience, from her humble beginnings to her current celebrity status. As a wise sage once said, “You’re never too old to learn new things.” Sure, you can never teach an old dog new tricks, but you can surely teach an old dog to perform its old tricks better and with greater success. The true spirit of entrepreneurship begins with the belief that, “If you have never tasted failure, you have not succeeded yet!”

Aside from radically transforming her life from a mediocre housewife to a mega-wealthy businesswoman, Joy Mangano has also inspired many other female entrepreneurs to follow suit in her footsteps. To attain excellence in life, we need to aspire to be extraordinary. Mediocrity will only lead one down the pathway to failure. To be truly successful in life, we need to change our perception and perspective, as well as to challenge the norm or status quo. The results of Joy’s accomplishments in her personal life truly speak volumes about her “never quit” character and “can do” attitude. Now, wouldn’t we all like to emulate her success too? Endeavouring to change and persevering for success is the real secret of Joy!