Philips Zenit CSS5530G: Embrace the Look & Feel of ZEN



The Future of Home Theatre Re-imagined…

Ever wondered how the ultimate home theatre system would sound like? Now you need not look any further. With Philips Zenit CSS5530G, your wait for the ultimate home theatre speakers is finally over. It is time to embrace the pure simplicity of Japanese-inspired Zen with the Philips Zenit home cinema speakers and enjoy natural audio realism like never before, including Ultra HD content streamed wirelessly to your big screen TV. These state-of-the-art speakers bring to life the sights and sounds of your favourite movies and music to an otherwise ordinary or mediocre home theatre speaker system setup.

Its seamless design features contemporary and original material reproducing a balanced and superior sound quality. Smart cable management and wireless rear speakers ensure an uncluttered, sublime and effortless experience with the Philips Zenit CSS5530G ‘Music & Movies ‘(M&M) cinema speakers. Apart from best quality sound to enhance one’s lifestyle, the aesthetic appeal and intuitive design of the Zenit line speaks volumes of Philips’ commitment to home theatre.

The ideal home theater system with a avant garde design that would fill the room with luxurious sound while complimenting discerning consumers’ living spaces simultaneously. Specially designed to envelop entire rooms with clear, natural and unadulterated sound from all angles; its midwoofer-tweeter-midwoofer configuration in the main and satellite speakers allows for loud and loyal reproduction of audio regardless of listening position. Enjoy crystal-clear sound, distortion-free, no matter where you may be sitted within the room. A dedicated speaker for the centre channel enhances voice clarity and gives a life-like sense of scenery for greater enjoyment of your television and movie-viewing experience.

 This configuration is complemented by Dolby Digital Pro Logic II to provide five channels of surround processing from any standard stereo source or AV input. Jam-packed with the latest in audio technology, these speaker systems will remain the mainstay of home theatre cinema speakers for years to come. The convenience of Bluetooth, combined with one-touch NFC pairing technology, makes it almost effortless to wirelessly stream multimedia content from anywhere within the home setting. The Zenit speakers also include HDMI 4K/2K pass-through to display Ultra HD video and HDMI ARC to access a full rich audio.


No detail was spared or overlooked in the design of these Zen-inspired speakers, which represent the purest form of aesthetics, balance and simplicity. Made from contemporary cloth material with authentic details, all models are available with aluminum accents and a cool, sophisticated stone grey with warm wood accents. Optional matching stands are also available to elevate the speakers for a greater presence within the room. A special compartment located at the bottom of the speaker is specially designed for cable management to prevent excessive wire cluttering. Overall, the Zenit CSS5530 is everything you will ever need in a home theatre speaker system. The 5.1 surround sound setup provides an additional two wireless rear speakers for greater sound immersion from multiple angles without the added clutter of unsightly electrical wiring. Philips’ Zenit is now on sale in Malaysia with a re commended retail price of RM2,599 – inclusive of GST.