Give Your Home A Festive Makeover It Truly Deserves!


Revel in the auspicious holiday season with a bona-fide X’mas home!



It is that time of the year again when Christian families the world over will be busy prepping up their homes with X’mas décor, and family members helping out with the Christmas “spring-cleaning”. Many children will be eagerly anticipating the appearance of ‘Santa Claus’ as well as the opening of gifts and presents. A tiny change in décor and design can dramatically improve the home ambience, and leaves a memorable impression upon visitors and guests alike. Most Malaysians also anxiously await the eve of Christmas and the dawn of New Year. Celebrating and enjoying the long seasonal holidays by spending quality time with their respective families and relatives is truly another fine and noble tradition in many of today’s modern and contemporary households. Here are some useful tips and a practical guide to light up your home during the annual year-end festivities.




Christmas décor made easy


When Yuletide approaches, you can easily find a myriad or assortment of decorative items and merchandise to spruce up your home. There is always something out there for everyone. For the vast majority of Malaysian households, celebrating Christmas is never complete without the iconic spruce tree. For some, Christmas shopping is all about adorning the home with the fanciest and most eye-catching décor. For others, decorating the Christmas tree continues to be the hallmark of celebrating the birth of Christ. For optimal effect, set up two trees covered with spiraling rows of multi-coloured LED lightbulbs – a small tree is placed indoor, while the larger one is positioned on the lawn or the front porch.




The traditional theme of Christmas has always been red and white, whereby such colours symbolize the spirit of giving and caring. Spread and share the message of charity and love with generous display of red and white décor within your own home. Artificial wreaths stuck on front doors generally signify material wealth and abundance. Whatever your options or preference, always make sure to personally handpick your decorations with your family members. So hurry down now to your nearest gift shop, stationery store or neighbourhood mall to browse through the huge selection and catalogue of X’mas paraphernalia available this festive season.



Living room design & decor



Certain concepts for easy homemade Christmas décor and ornaments comprise mason jars, scrabble tiles, as well as wreaths created with pine cones, ribbons and bells. Other eye-catching seasonal decorations consist of hanging up garlands, wreaths and bows. Decorative lanterns and luminaries on the house porch will light up a pathway towards the front door. Chandeliers and designer lamps also complement the warmth of the lantern decors. Put all the empty gift boxes and present parcels underneath the grapevine LED tree for a more homey effect and welcoming festive ambience. Affix a mistletoe bell with jingling fluffy snowballs on the front door to serve as a unique doorbell for a warm and welcoming reception.


When entertaining visitors to your home for the holidays, your kitchen becomes an instant attraction or “people magnet”. Since most kitchens are often situated either directly adjacent or opposite to the living room, it is best to implement a complementary colour scheme that indirectly mirrors that of the living room itself. Decorate those dull and mundane kitchen table-tops with snacks, sweets and titbits. Gingerbread-man biscuits, cookies and muffins are typical Christian confectioneries served during Christmas time – and they are an instant holiday hit with the kids! Inject some holiday spirit into your home, and fill your invited guests with welcoming warmth as they enter your house. Decorate your dream X’mas home with love, and continue to spread the Christmas cheer all around!



More inspirational X’mas ideas



Add more shine, sparkle and shimmer to your living room with designer couches and sofas. Stack up colourful pillowcases for a refreshingly cool furniture display. Hang ornaments and other works of art on wall surfaces as well as lay them upon table tops for that aesthetic appearance. Sprinkle artificial snowflakes on wooden floors for that realistic “White Christmas” feel. Cozy warm spaces and familiar textures beckon us to relax and chill. Accentuate your guest rooms with flannel curtains and retro lampshades for a splash of warmth and nostalgia. LED candles are also a great way to simulate the natural candle-burning effect. Accessorize your bathrooms with potpourri, scented soaps, gel shampoos, sponge scrubs, and linen towels. For party-poppers, the decorating possibilities are almost limitless!

Incorporate niche picture frames to showcase your family photos on a wall for a more personal touch. Hang up stockings at strategic locations to add to that extra Christmas zeal and vitality. Display oversized ornaments for greater prominence and spacious effect. Spice up your living room with a creative colour scheme to liven up room walls. For a special and sophisticated look, personalize your own fireplace complete with antique vases and fresh flowers. Fill your living spaces with sentimental trinkets and treasures. Do not forget that all-important tree and wreath to complete the X’mas holiday look for a bona-fide Christmas home! To round up this review, Homefinder Malaysia would like to wish all our readers and audience worldwide A Merry Christmas 2016 and A Happy New Year 2017! – HFM