The Quest For Success Begins With Self-Introspection


Learning to recognize your instinctual self to achieve unlimited success

We have heard them all before: “Success is a long and winding road. Success is having the courage and the confidence. Success is maximizing gains/profit and minimizing cost/expenditure. Success is all about teamwork and working together as one.” Humans have always been constrained or limited by traditional thinking about what constitutes success in its essence and glory. Orthodox or conventional success typically talks about material gain, wealth creation and lavish/extravagant lifestyles. Sometimes intelligence and reason alone is insufficient to support our hunger for knowledge – our quest for the unknown brings us towards the fantasy realm of the human subconscious – where logic and reason breaks down. It presents us with an alternate perspective on how to make our life choices, as well as guides us in our daily decisions. Intuition is akin to your internal compass or spiritual reference, which when accessed in the proper or correct manner, will open up pathways to an enriching and empowering life. It may also provide us with all the answers to our greatest mysteries as well as our wildest dreams.


The problem faced by many people is how best to interpret and to trust in their own judgement. The rational-thinking mind often works against one’s intuition in searching for solutions to the challenges and conundrums at hand. Meanwhile, an all-important step towards any great accomplishment is first to examine one’s goals and priorities, as well as to evaluate one’s ambitions and purpose in life. Each and every successful life shares a common trait: FAITH (i.e. having a strong belief…). Even the great and magnanimous Albert Einstein once famously uttered that, “The intuitive gift is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

The art of introspection or self-reflection is fundamental in the journey towards attaining success in life. Increasing our knowledge via personal thought is also a key factor to developing intuition. Intuition is basically subconscious knowledge, whereby our gut feeling or hunch informs us to act without active though or prior knowledge beforehand. It is a familiar tingling sensation in your tummy, that inner voice in your head which keeps bugging you to act – a powerful thought that occupies your head which you cannot possibly ignore. Always heed or pay attention to the signs and signals that your mind and body are telling you.

We all possess intuition, although for many it is quite instinctive, for some it needs awakening, nurturing and developing. Techniques do exist in the present on how to strengthen one’s intuition. Having a strong faith in your intuition demands faith and practice – it is a standard feature and commonly seen in yoga classes and meditation sessions. Since intuition comes from within, we need to calm ourselves down when we do actually receive inspiration. Stress and anxiety often drown out inner voice and overwhelm thought and reason. Block out anything that don’t serve or support your quest – distractions should be kept to a minimum. Spending quality reading time to accumulate more wealth in knowledge also contributes to your intuition.

One of the biggest hurdles or challenges is our ability to act upon our intuition quick enough to have any significant impact or to present any substantial benefit to us. It is also most important to note and realize that any window of opportunity coming our way is only temporary, and it does not last or linger. An intuition is as powerful as it is insightful. Some swear by its potency whilst others protect it with their lives. Humans are generally blessed with all the answers and abundant knowledge that they will ever require to experience a positive and happy life. And finally, constantly seek the truth within you…always live long and prosper! – HFM