The Best Natural Beauty Hacks On A Budget


How To Save Money On Your Beauty Options With Healthy Alternatives

For centuries, the best-kept beauty secrets of mankind often lie in the sarcophagus of Egyptian pharaohs. Queen Cleopatra was an epitome of “natural beauty” in the purest sense and form – she even bathed in pure goat’s milk daily to promote her skin’s suppleness and beauty. Goat’s milk, royal jelly, bee pollen, honey, etc. are just some of the beauty regiment of Cleopatra. Until today, naturopathy (i.e. science of natural medicine) continues to flourish and to espouse the ancient wisdom, beauty principles and nature’s philosophy in modern day health foods as well as cosmetics merchandise – often marketed as pure, all-natural and 100% organic. Whilst many of these so-called “ayurvedic supplements” are as close to nature as they come, nothing compares to the real goodness of home-made products. As a natural competitor or rival to ‘over-the-counter’ remedies, they are also a lot cheaper to make, and present consumers with natural alternatives that will not bust their wallets or break their budget.


Acne Remedy – Pimples constantly rear its “ugly heads” or blemishes upon any flawless complexion. A simple tip to avoid acne breakouts is to consume hot tea daily, specifically green tea. Add some lemon juice to the tea for a refreshing lemon-tea mix. Use the leftover lemon peels as a facial scrub to eradicate acne-propagating bacteria. For best results, use the lemon scrub twice a day – waking up in the morning and going to bed at night. You can also use the concentrated pure lemon juice as an effective toner or astringent to kill off excess facial bacteria. This is then followed by a cool lemon-peel facial mask treatment.


Moisturizer Lotion – The trick to moisturizing is to replenish the loss of precious moisture from our skin or complexion. A proven traditional method to promote moisture retention is by applying modest amounts of olive oil onto the skin’s surface and gently massaging it thoroughly. Olive oil works perfectly as a natural moisturizer in the absence of a hydrating lotion or even the popular Vaseline.


Hydration Spray – Although an atomizer is actually the best device for generating an ideal mist, a standard spray bottle also works equally well. By combining proportional parts of purified water, witch hazel solution, lavender extract and a few drops of rose-hip oil – the result is a simple but optimum hydrating facial mist. Rose-hip oil is universally and medically recognized for its powerful hydration properties. Another excellent alternative which provides similar hydration results is the humble coconut oil. Do not forget coconut water too!


Makeup Removal – Conventional makeup removers often employ or utilize harsh acetone or isopropyl alcohol in their removal solutions. They are not only costly to replenish in the long run, but most critical of all, they also strip away precious moisture from the skin itself. Perhaps, there is a natural, safer and cheaper alternative to removing makeup? The answer to your prayer is a definite yes, and it lies in the miracle of coconut oil. Coconut oil literally removes all stubborn traces of cosmetics (even waterproof ones) without leaving a single stain mark!