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IJM LAND and Allianz Malaysia proudly presents HomeTIPS


A ‘Triple-Insurance-Protection-Scheme’ designed for Malaysian homebuyers


Buying a house is often a daunting prospect for the first-time homebuyer. Apart from the obvious financial commitments of purchasing and paying for a piece of property, life can present all sorts of challenges along the way, and cast a long shadow of doubt over our future plans. So whenever you purchase an IJM Land property, you are not just buying a house, you are gaining peace of mind as well.

With IJM Land’s HomeTIPS @ ‘Triple Insurance Protection Scheme’, you will be able to invest in a home for your family by providing them with a safe haven or sanctuary to live, grow and flourish. IJM Land believes that a homebuyer should not have to face undue distress about financial uncertainties, so it collaborated with Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia and Allianz General Insurance Company Malaysia to underwrite three insurance schemes offering peace of mind to all its homebuyers for 36 months from the signing of the Sales & Purchase Agreement.


We’re proud to be a part of this first of its kind insurance scheme where it is evident that IJM Land is a developer that keeps the needs of its customers close at heart. Besides becoming the owners of a premium property, the buyers will be protected on their life, accident and the uncertainty in their employment, via the HomeTIPS scheme.” – John Yep, Head of Commercial Business, Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad.


If you should find yourself inadvertently terminated from your employment, the Unemployment Insurance will take effect to pay a specified amount to cover the interest on the loan amount. In this case, involuntary unemployment is defined as unemployment due to economic reasons afflicting the employer, and excludes situations whereby unemployment is due to disciplinary action or performance of the individual. IJM Land homebuyers for selected properties are also eligible for a Group Term Life Scheme and Personal Accident Scheme where financial benefits are paid out in cases involving death or total permanent disability.


At IJM Land we believe in building not just homes, but relationships. We want our home buyers to be confident in the fact, that should something untoward happen, IJM Land is able to help secure the roof over their heads with these unique insurance schemes underwritten by Allianz. The insurance benefits offer a range of financial pay outs that can help mitigate unfortunate situations. It is our hope, IJM Land home buyers can rest easy with the knowledge that we are invested in their financial future. As investing in a home is an important milestone in anyone’s life, we strongly feel that this exciting period in your life, should not be memorable for all the wrong reasons. As with making any major decision, it’s nice to be able to feel that you are protected, right from the very beginning of the process.” – Edward Chong, Managing Director, IJM Land Berhad.


IJM LAND’s sentiment about homeownership is similarly echoed by Allianz Malaysia. As underwriters, Allianz truly appreciates the trust place upon them by IJM Land to develop the scheme. The IJM Land HomeTIPS is the first of its kind property insurance offered by a real estate developer in Malaysia, and serves to reaffirm IJM Land’s commitment to provide homebuyers with innovative financial solutions that will help build thriving communities. For further enquiries and additional info, check us out at: www.ijmland.com and


The Managing Director of IJM LAND, Mr. Edward Chong Sin Kiat explains the HomeTIPS, Triple Insurance Protection Scheme to members of the media