FITBIT ~ The Smart Watch that gets you going further…


The revolutionary smart watch technology that enhances your daily life

Since the inception of the iconic Apple Watch, an ever increasing number of smartwatch manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon to cater to popular demand from the public for cool, funky and unique designs. A relatively new startup watchmaker by the name of Fitbit has recently taken the global market by storm. The abundant array of creative ideas incorporated into Fitbit watches has made it one of the most dominant market leaders at the moment – the Fitbit brand is buzzing with innovative design employing cutting edge app technologies.

Fitbit is truly giving the big boys (i.e. Apple and Samsung) a serious run for their money. With such strong and stiff competition from the multitude of smartwatch brands and models available, it certainly poses quite a compelling challenge to conquering this niche market segment. With the constant proliferation of smart watches in the digital marketplace, it would be uncharacteristically surprising if Fitbit continues to churn out as many intelligent digital watches it currently does.

Strong market dominance does not necessarily suggest or guarantee long-term sales as well as marketing sustainability. Undisputed market dominance from a novel and newbie digital watchmaker was surely unheard and unthinkable before, given current stagnating economic conditions. According to the latest statistics compiled by research firm IDC, the top five manufacturers in digital band watches and mobile health trackers are without doubt Fitbit, Apple, Samsung, Garmin, and Xiaomi. Fitbit’s quarterly revenue or earnings registered an astounding USD505.4 million, with an equally astonishing 4.8 million devices sold during the same recorded period. It is also reported that among its top models, Fitbit Blaze and Fitbit Alta together contributed an impressive 47% of the total quarterly revenue!


Picking out the best fitness tracker can be challenging experience, particularly for the newbie or the uninitiated. Now everyone wants a piece of the Fitbit revolution. The appropriate activity tracker for you will be based on individual requirements – whether they are accurate step-counting, reliable sleep tracking or round-the-clock heartbeat monitoring. Choice or option has never been a real issue with Fitbit. High-tech live sensors installed on the latest models practically bridge the tech gap for future backward compatibility. From constant and continuous heartbeat monitoring with the Fitbit Charge HR to smartwatch style notifications with Fitbit Force, there are literally dozens of features and functions to choose from. The Fitbit Blaze is the company’s groundbreaking and best fitness tracker to date, proof that Fitbit has not lost touch with what makes a great piece of fitness tracker. Its brand new colour display is essentially a standard upgrade from Fitbit Surge’s old B&W (black/white) or monochromatic display.


Meanwhile, the software itself is sufficiently simple and straightforward for newbies and beginners, but still delivers robust, consistent and accurate activity tracking stats. Hardcore as well as discerning fitness lovers will be awaiting and welcoming the latest range of GPS-enabled and built-in heart rate monitors installed into the upcoming models, which are specifically designed for active users with an intensive training regime or routine in mind.

Shopping for the perfect fit seems to be a quagmire with the mind-boggling variety and almost limitless selection of models under the Fitbit label. For all intents and purposes, Fitbit Blaze produces the best performance results for optimal daily usage under normal operating conditions. It currently retails for USD249.90 at major web portals including Amazon, Alibaba and HomeDepot.