Brand Specialist Steve Wee launched his pet project – ‘Brand Yourself’


An inaugural book launch in collaboration with Datin Winnie Loo of A Cut Above

There is something in common between Tan Sri Tony Fernandes – Founder of AirAsia, the late Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Lim Goh Tong – Founder of Genting Group, Chef Wan – celebrity chef extraordinaire and Datin Winnie Loo – Founder of A Cut Above Group of Salons and Academy. They are not merely home-grown success stories, but share a single story that is built on the mastery of personal branding. As for Steve Wee, Founder of Brand Yourself Agency and Co-Founder of School of Charisma, he totally understands the essence of personal branding. Through this core belief, he began his journey to inspire and to help many individuals including corporate leaders to refine their career positioning as well as public appeal. To date, he has penned almost all of his life’s experiences in his much anticipated book – Brand Yourself. The book launch, held at Glasshouse @ Seputeh, was an intimate affair with industry leaders, corporate clients, business associates, media representatives gathered to witness Steve’s greatest milestone achievement.


The book begins with an introduction to the many anecdotes of his personal experiences and skills accumulated from the company he founded, Brand Yourself Agency – Asia’s leading Personal Branding Agency. The company has succeeded in a short span of time with a winning combination of his years of experience flying as an air steward with Singapore Airlines, and the various coaching techniques & methodology he learnt and employed for years from his encounters with people.


This book is targeted at those who are totally in the dark about Personal Branding but are aware of its ever-increasing importance; and are ambitious enough to hold their own in today’s market. It is also intended for business professionals who want a change in career, get promoted to a higher position or get hired for a new job. If you are one of the entrepreneurs who wish to brand yourself for your business – congratulations – you have picked up the right book.” – Steve Wee, co-founder of School of Charisma and author of ‘Brand Yourself’.



As Steve Wee believes every individual is especially unique and truly deserves to be extraordinary, he has since nurtured and alleviated their personal branding to the next level and hopes that the book will produce similar if not better results. This book is a key testament of his tireless efforts in creating awareness on the importance of branding and soft-skills in the Personal Branding industry. The icing on the cake is undoubtedly his collaboration with his mentor/guru and renowned hair maestro, Datin Winnie Loo, in sharing creative ideas and compiling the book.


I have been looking forward to have this book in print for the longest time. Since collaborating with Steve, it has always been on my mind to do something different, relating my personal achievements in branding myself and my business for the last 40 years. So I’m very happy to have this book out that gives a step-by-step guide to building one’s brand.” – Datin Winnie Loo, Founder, A Cut Above.


Apart from his book Brand Yourself, Steve Wee partnered with Datin Winnie Loo, and Chui Ling, a sought-after TV and Radio personality, who together founded School of Charisma in 2013 – a solutions hub or portal which helps individuals and businesses to build, develop and grow their brand name through the power of soft skills. As of today, Brand Yourself Agency and School of Charisma have created many historic milestones, namely People’s Choice Award, Style to Success Workshop and How To Be A Celebrity Entrepreneur Workshop, including his latest project, The Society – an innovative meeting place integrating ‘work and play’.

Steve took a quantum leap when he became one of the Directors for My3DVision. It is currently the core business for Steve Wee, whereas Brand Yourself and School of Charisma are projects of personal passion and his own way of contributing back to society. My3DVision is presently one of the leading 3D companies in Malaysia specializing in 3D Applications, 3D Advertising and 3D Exhibition. It has also produced the first 3D Book via Brand Yourself. In the future, the company also plans to expand its operations overseas in Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong.


Steve continues to inspire people via public speaking engagements on various platforms such as National Achievers Congress, Toastmasters Club, Boss Rescue Conference, among others. Brand Yourself will not be on sale at bookstores, but will be sold directly via Brand Yourself Agency and School of Charisma at RM100 per copy. In addition, complimentary copies will be given away to entrepreneurs who sign up for the Brand Yourself Asia or School of Charisma programs to reward their commitment in undertaking their personal branding to a much higher level.

They will also be provided full access to the educational branding packages and a DVD on Personal Branding tips to help them stand out or distinguish themselves. For additional details on how to collect the Brand Yourself bonuses worth RM497, just click on the web link: www.brandyourself.asia/getbonus. For Brand Yourself Agency, please visit us at: www.brandyourself.asia. For School of Charisma, please visit: www.schoolofcharisma.com. For My3DVision, goto: www.my3dvision.com.