Creating More Storage for Your Home Space!


Home decluttering takes on a brand new minimalist twist!




In today’s modern homes, the price of organizing and maintaining one’s home can be quite exorbitant as well as exhausting. Are you constantly feeling tired of battling those seemingly unending clutter throughout your house? Why not put your unwanted stuff to good use instead of designating as junk and discarding them as trash?



In the timeless art of minimalism, living spaces within a house are often maximized to provide space for essential items and personal belongings. Sometimes you will be surprised that you still have room to spare even after undergoing the whole process of decluttering.



For the majority of us, having unused or unoccupied areas to serve as extra storage space is often considered a luxury, especially in many crowded apartments as well as condominium units. The key is to find innovative means or ingenious sources of storage space to house your paraphernalia and miscellaneous accessories. For instance, if you possess refrigerator which is destined for the junkyard, you could convert the old fridge as an additional storage compartment for all your personal possessions as depicted in the image below. Unfortunately, most of the time, we are either too lazy or too busy to truly make the effort and go the extra mile to make that change!