Three Terrific gadgets revolutionize today’s homes


Three Terrific gadgets revolutionize today’s homes


Futuristic smart devices available now that will totally blow the mind!


Consumer products and household appliances of today continue to astonish us with their cutting-edge technological wizardry and social media applications, be it for home usage or for travel purposes. Advancements in computing and IT have also grown by leaps and bounds. Nowadays, we often witness a plethora of high-tech gadgets and devices designed for home living, especially luxury homes. It is without doubt that our future lifestyle will continue to live long & prosper!




‘Evapolar’ personal air-conditioner


Ever wondered what it is like to have your own personal cooling system right by your side all day and night? Among the thousands of portable air-purifiers out there in the market today, there is truly one product that can claim to be the world’s first true personal air-conditioner. It ideally cools, ventilates, humidifies and purifies the air creating a perfect microclimate within your workplace. Based upon specially developed patented nanotechnology, it is both small and efficient; emulates a gentle breeze which enables air circulation and induces atmospheric ventilation. The Evapolar in essence contains no toxic or harmful coolants which make it eco-friendly. It also principally works on harnessing the power of water evaporation – an ancient cooling technology that has in existence throughout the ages. Most conventional evaporative coolers are typically bulky devices which are not quite portable or mobile-friendly. Unlike traditional air-cons which deliver a blanket burst of cold air without adjusting to bodily needs – resulting in a weakened immune system, Evapolar’s gentle breeze effectively cools down the body naturally without debilitating colds or negative health repercussions. Its compact and portable design is also a lovely sight to behold, and delivers a welcoming and refreshing coolness to any room. Evapolar retails online at an introductory price of USD179, with an additional USD20 for the water cartridge.




‘The Right Cup’ fruit-flavoured cup

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We are constantly reminded of how important it is to drink more fluids, especially water. However, plain water on its own presents a real challenge for the health-conscious who find it quite mundane and cumbersome to gulp down bland and tasteless water without any flavouring. Now there is a unique solution in a cup that literally changes the way we drink water. If you are fancy sweet drinks, The Right Cup helps you enjoy fruity flavours without the adverse health effects of excessive sugar. It is essentially a glass cup with a special scented inner lining or coating which tricks us into thinking we are actually drinking fruit-infused water. This is fundamentally beneficial for curbing cravings for sweetened water, which translates to long-term health benefits. Moreover, some eighty percent of perceived flavours from our food and drinks originate from smell alone. The Right Cup consists of a novel and proprietary food-grade material called Encapsulated Aroma Release (EAR) that lines the inner cup. As the cup is filled to the brim with water and held closely to our mouths, unique fruit scents are automatically released, and they are immediately detected by our nasal olfactory or sense of smell. The nose naturally interprets this water as being fruity, thus, the brain is literally fooled into thinking it is fruit-flavoured water. A single Right Cup typically lasts for about six months before the flavour contained within the cup becomes diluted or requires replenishing. Storing the cup upside down helps reactivate its food-grade scents for longer periods or duration before needing replacement cups. During its initial public release, The Right Cup is offered for sale at USD35 per unit. Several popular and classic flavours to choose from include timeless favourites such as Lemon Lime, Sunny Orange, Mixed Berry and Zesty Apple.




‘Bubble Cap’ portable drink fizzer

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Do away with bulky and conventional home carbonators which take up all your kitchen space and cost a fortune to install. Introducing BubbleCap – the world’s first ever portable Sparkling Water Carbonator which transforms plain liquids into fizzy beverages in an instant with a convenient pull of a lever. Incorporated with a compact carbonator cap, it is suitable when applied to common PET or ordinary plastic soda bottles. All you require is a special adapter/converter top-cap and a standard CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas bottles for household carbonation. The device is just a simple tool to safely transfer the carbon dioxide from a cartridge to a soft drink bottle. Generating your own sparkling water on demand has never been such a breeze! Carbon dioxide is injected into the water with some manual pump action, and added vigorous shakes to the drinking bottle, carbon dioxide gas is thereby thoroughly mixed with the water itself. With no added sugar, caffeine or preservative, carbonated water is an ideal and healthy alternative to plain old boring drinking water. You can now enjoy your favourite soda on the go; even formulate your own recipes for soda water as well as fruit juices! With BubbleCap, you get no-frills sparkling water wherever you are and whenever you need. It is the ultimate carbonator you will ever want – safe and simple, robust yet reliable!