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03 September 2018, Kuala Lumpur – ECOVACS ROBOTICS, a leader in smart cleaning robots, revealed its latest innovation in floor cleaning last week at IFA 2018, one of the world’s leading trade shows for consumer electronics based in Berlin. ECOVACS AIVI (Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interpretation) is newly developed AI technology that has been designed to meet growing consumers’ demand for minimum manual intervention cleaning. It is introducing object and environment recognition in addition to spatial recognition. “ECOVACS ROBOTICS brings the idea of ‘Live Smart, Enjoy Life’ to the next level by incorporating artificial intelligence into home cleaning,” said David Qian, Deputy Chairman of the Board and President of International Business Unit of ECOVACS ROBOTICS. “ECOVACS AIVI can recognise and avoid objects on the floor and with the help of our Smart Navi™ technology, it allows our robots to better adapt to a user’s home environment to provide a more ideal solution for floor cleaning.”


ECOVACS ROBOTICS revealed its latest innovation in floor cleaning at one of the world’s leading trade shows for consumer electronics based in Berlin.





AI Innovation to Revolutionise Household Cleaning


ECOVACS is incorporating AI technology into its robots to make them more efficient and minimise the user’s role in cleaning-up. Powered by AI, ECOVACS AIVI gives robots a deep learning capability to recognise and avoid selected household items that typically obstruct the part of conventional floor cleaning robots or vacuum cleaners such as cables, shoes, slippers, dustbins, doorsills, and rugs. Gone are the days when you’d need to manually remove objects from the floor before vacuuming – you can now sit back and let the robot do the job. ECOVACS is committed to protecting customer data and privacy. The AI technology is used only to match the robot’s surroundings and foreign objects to recognise obstacles. None of the data is recorded or sent anywhere without permission of the user. Some users may choose to “opt-in” to send their data back to ECOVACS to assist in the improvement of the brand’s products.



ECOVACS Robotics product demonstration at IFA 2018 in Berlin.




Advanced Technology to Meet Different Cleaning Needs


“ECOVACS’s DEEBOT series is designed to meet the needs of a range of floor types and cleaning tasks,” explained Jonathan Tang, Vice President of Global Channels of ECOVACS ROBOTICS. “We have introduced our signature floor cleaning technologies to more of our robots, upgraded their smart home capabilities and boosted their suction power.” ECOVACS ROBOTICS is always looking for ways to improve the user experience.

One of ECOVACS’ most important innovations is its Smart Navi™ mapping and navigation technology, which can safely scan, map, and plan an efficient cleaning path adapting to a user’s home to provide thorough and systematic cleaning. Users will be able to see how the cleaning task has been completed with a visual map. In Malaysia, Smart Navi™ is available on DEEBOT 900. In addition to Smart Navi™, ECOVACS’ OZMO™ mopping technology in the DEEBOT OZMO 930 delivers both vacuum and mopping capabilities, allowing the DEEBOTs to effectively deal with dirt or dried liquid while controlling the speed of water flow for smooth mopping.

Paired with the ECOVACS App, users can control their DEEBOTs anytime, anywhere to set cleaning schedules, select cleaning modes, monitor the cleaning process and more. The DEEBOTS are compatible with both Google Home and Amazon Echo, which makes floor cleaning as easy as tapping on a smartphone via the ECOVACS App or using voice control for a completely easy and convenient Smart Home experience.




ECOVACS AIVI is the name of the AI technology they will now be incorporating in some of their robots.




First-of-its-kind WINBOT X for an Optimal Window Cleaning Experience


Besides floor cleaning robots, ECOVACS also showcased its latest award-winning window cleaning robot at IFA 2018. A proud honoree of both the 2018 CES Innovation Award and the Red Dot Award 2018, WINBOT X is the first-of-its-kind cordless window cleaning robot developed by ECOVACS. The WINBOT X offers a breakthrough in window cleaning with its cordless power source design, Deep Clean Mode and Four-Stage Cleaning System, and an innovative Safety Tether System. The WINBOT X can adapt to diverse types of windows while moving around intelligently, freely and safely to reach higher areas with maximum coverage.


Malaysian users can look forward to the new release of the ECOVACS DEEBOT 600 that will hit shelves in September. This little robotic cleaner packs a punch and can take care of various floor types including carpets and hard floors. It follows a systematic, back-and-forth cleaning path on hard surfaces to make sure that no spot is missed. Even though it is an entry level cleaning robot, it comes equipped for use with the ECOVACS App giving users more control than ever.







Innovating Since Day One – Creating the Intelligent Home. At ECOVACS ROBOTICS, we care about innovating solutions to enhance your lifestyle. Based on deep understanding of use cases and consumer experiences, we design robots that help you to “live smart, enjoy life”. With over 20 years of design and industry-leading research, we have led the market as homes become more intelligent and responsive. We are building a world where your home asks less of your attention, becomes more seamless and powerful, and frees you to spend more time doing what you love!




ECOVACS ROBOTICS brings the idea of ‘Live Smart, Enjoy Life’ to the next level by incorporating artificial intelligence into home cleaning – David Qian, Deputy Chairman of the Board and President of Internat








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