Success 2016 proudly presents Nick Vujicic – LIVE in Malaysia!


An inspiring success story of true grit and determination of a man without limbs!


Nick Vujicic is finally back folks…Bigger, Better and Bolder! Join him at One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya from 29-30 July 2016 in conjunction with ‘Success 2016: Nick Vujicic – LIVE in Malaysia’ proudly brought to you by Success Resources. When Nick Vujicic last set foot in Malaysia in 2014, he spoke to a sold-out crowd of over 6,000 attendees and participants. His simple yet practical lesson in life is to learn to live beyond one’s circumstances, expectations or limitations. Procrastination and pessimism are the real enemies of success. An iconic inspiration to millions around the globe, Nick Vujicic is instantly recognizable from his jovial demeanour and infectious personality. Behind his smiley facial expression hides a sad but true story of grit and determination, and of passion and perseverance. His cheerful character cuts through social barriers and brings down the curtains. Being born without arms or legs is certain no hurdle or obstacle in his quest for ultimate success. His physical handicap do not limit or hinder his ambition, instead it challenges and drives him to achieve more out of life. His accomplishments are nothing short of mind-boggling and awe-inspiring. If you enjoy great adventures, having fruitful & successful careers, as well as loving & meaningful relationships, make a date with Nick Vujicic today and come meet the man himself in person!



Being a disabled person, you sometimes need to figure out creative ways and solutions to solve your mobility issues and problems. Simple activities which we often take for granted become monumental tasks for Nick Vujicic. His personal experience has taught him to be self-sufficient, and to embrace his shortcomings with pride and passion. As an acclaimed international speaker, he has presented numerous TED Talks, appeared on Oprah’s talkshow countless of times, written a New York Times best-seller, starred in his very own award-winning film, achieved financial independence through property investing. He is also a proud father of two lovely children and the husband to a beautiful wife. He shares with his worldwide audience the importance of dreaming BIG! He also challenges others to examine their own perspective in life, to look beyond the boundaries of circumstance, and view obstacles as opportunities for growth. His fundamental message to all of us is a simple one. If you want to experience life in its full glory, you need to seize the moment and explore all the possibilities. If you do get a chance to meet him in person, what sort of question would you ask him? Opportunities come to those who dare to live their wildest dreams. Nick Vujicic certainly lived his wackiest dreams yet! So stop procrastinating and start living!


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Success Resources proudly presents ‘Success 2016: Nick Vujicic – LIVE in Malaysia’ in conjunction with National Achievers Congress 2016 Malaysia, to be held at One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya from 29-30th July. It is an absolute privilege to have the great Nick Vujicic again after his last conference back in 2014. You will be truly inspired to overcome your limitations and break down barriers that are stopping you from succeeding. Just imagine a man without arms and legs accomplishing unimaginable success in life! You could too if you put your mind, heart and soul to it. Just be sure to get your tickets today! Do not miss this golden opportunity and once in a lifetime event. Take advantage of our “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” offer whilst tickets last! Get your tickets online now at: https://en.xing-events.com/e/oehufw. So get clicking and start sharing folks, Nick Vujicic awaits you! ;)