Homes In The Future Will Be More Cozy & Comfy


The future of home living would be unimaginably mesmerizing and breathtaking…

With modern homes come healthier living – both are inevitably bound. Upcoming trends for contemporary design in home décor and home living are typically themed nature living and green lifestyle. According to the latest research, living space of the future will become significantly smaller as people continue to migrate towards townships and city centres, whereby the escalating cost of living have become a real burden to own pricey apartments and condos. Health consciousness is also another key factor or prime consideration with regard to greater awareness about environmental degradation and ecological sustainability. The usage and application of green material for future homes are an utmost priority. Energy-efficient lighting devices and heating accessories are increasing becoming a trend in today’s homes the world over. The issue of ergonomics on furniture design is also receiving much attention especially with prolonged work hours. okjl

For the workout enthusiasts and fitness fanatics, mobile apps are a must for personal exercise regimes, and they are becoming more of a fad or gimmick, specifically within the indoor setting and home environment. Among the major trends is the integration between dining area and living room in contemporary homes. Classic furniture design is also making a big comeback at the moment. Beyond the living room, there is the living garden as well. The garden, balcony and terrace are always a nature’s lover haunt.

Bathrooms and kitchens have become practically synonymous with home living. Bathrooms are no longer just spaces for personal hygiene but are being constantly optimized for comfort. Kitchens nowadays too are geared towards cooking comfort. Comfortable stools and chairs in dining rooms are today’s norm as with most living rooms. In fact, people tend to spend more time at the dining table after a meal than ever before. Moreover, the furniture industry is churning out more and more of the so-called “smart furniture”, whereby individual pieces can be combined and reassembled in a variety of configuration via apps to create new furniture form factors. In short, modern furniture design has taken the world by storm, with their global feel and flavour, wherever your home might be. – HFM pp