Paradise on Earth


Amidst the valley of a lush virgin forest lies a place which carries an enigmatic aura. Yet, it exudes a calm, serene feeling that seems to allow your body to relax in its environment. This is The Haven Lakeside Residences, a 5-star luxury condo-resort in the pristine end of Ipoh near the Banjaran Range in Tambun.

The Haven is an exclusive luxury condominium project in Ipoh spearheaded by The Haven Sdn Bhd. Helmed by its Chief Executive Officer, Peter Chan, who foresaw the demand of luxury condominiums in the sleepy town of Tambun, Ipoh eight years ago.

“One thing about building The Haven in a place such as this is that there is no place like here,” shares Chan on the location which is surrounded by a virgin forest, the accompaniment of a flowing lake, as well as the Rockhaven of limestones with a history of 280 million years as its ‘neighbor’. “Ipoh is a really laid back city yet so fully equipped with modern amenities! There are hospitals, good food, and even the air is fresh and clean here!”

Despite his vision for this development, his project came under much skepticism and challenges especially by his peers in the industry as well as the Perakians. When the project was first launched, many were cynical with rumors such as “prices are too high for the likes of Ipoh residents” and “The Haven will not be completed by the developer as promised”. The list goes on.

A Rough Journey

Even with obstacles, Chan’s resolve to complete the project did not waver one bit. He admitted, nevertheless, that this journey was a tough one.

“I felt really discouraged when the cancellations came in non-stop,” shares Chan. Since the launch of the project, he received a lot more than 300 cancellations. He lamented that most cancellations were of no apparent reason, most of them frivolous. After making some investigations, he found out that there were many cynics who did not believe in the feasibility of a luxury condo-living in Ipoh.

“The rumors circulated that The Haven is not a viable project to begin with,” Chan shares grimly. “There were even ludicrous talk going around saying that the company is facing bankruptcy, the development is destroying the environment and many other malicious comments. Some of these naysayers really did believe that The Haven is not even a project worth considering.”

The CEO of The Haven quickly took charge to change those perceptions. Apart from building relationships with the Ipoh valuers, Chan also made extreme effort to complete The Haven as soon as he can. Eventually, his efforts came into fruition. The naysayers were finally silenced and even the most skeptical valuers were convinced.

The Haven Speaks For Itself

The Haven consists of three residential towers named Acacia, Banyan and Cycas with a total of 512 units. There are eleven types of standard sized units currently selling at RM648 per sq ft. Some of the units are in reality two in one ie two strata title in one connected unit.

The Haven has won worldwide accolades since its launch. To date, this luxury condominium has garnered 18 awards so far. Among them are Best Condo Development Malaysia in the South East Asia Property Awards 2012, Eco Developer of the Year in the WSOP Awards 2013, Best State Developer – Perak in the Editors’ Choice Malaysian Reserve Property Award 2012 and Best Resort Condominium in the SC Cheah Choice Awards 2011.

Chan himself also recently won the Property Man of the Year Award by the The Malaysian Reserve Property Press Award 2013 in Kuala Lumpur on 8 November 2013.

The value of which The Haven is worth commensurately more today compared to when it first started is a testament to its quality, and popularity among local residents nullifying the statement that “Ipoh people are not ready to accept condo-living”.

Chan is particularly proud that The Haven has changed that perception. Currently, there are more than 90% of the units sold with almost half of the buyers from Ipoh. The Haven alone has attracted many society leaders as its customers.

“These people, as leaders, do not have the herd mentality. They knew what they wanted. They came, they saw and they bought…just like that!” Chan quips.

What is interesting to note is that The Haven also sparked and inspired the many high-rise developments in Ipoh which is currently enjoying the healthy, uphill trend in property development.

As a 5-star luxury residential property, The Haven Lakeside Residences boasts of advanced features that are second to none. For instance, on the exterior, it uses the Shell Flinkote waterproof membrane paintwork, said to be the most expensive paint in its class. The Haven also deploys a 24-hour 5-level security system with 16 megapixel high definition CCTV as among its leading technologies in place.

The developer of The Haven also adopt a very eco-centric features by optimizing and harnessing the power of nature that its location has to offer such as installing solar panels to power external common areas and rainwater harvesting.

Other features of The Haven that offer its residents some quality good time are a squash court, badminton court of merbau flooring, 5-level seahorse-shaped swimming pool, sauna and steam-room, outdoor meditation deck, a clubhouse, restaurant with alfresco dining, amphitheater, picnic area and wooden walkway. The developer also forked out a total of RM18 million to build up an additional conference complex which consists of a ballroom, a conference hall, seminar room, a premier lounge and helipad to cater to the needs of corporate leaders who come here for their business or functions. This adds to the estimated gross development value of RM350 million of the development.

A Nite of Celebration

Chan has more reasons to celebrate with the completion of The Haven Lakeside Residences as he beat all odds and built up The Haven to what it is today. On 29 March 2014, Chan and his team commemorated the completion of this prestigious project as well as the start of a new chapter for US-based Best Western Premier to manage and operate the condotel. Chan believes that this partnership will bring The Haven to further heights and ensure that it is a true 5-star development.

Themed “The Havenly Nite Live! 2014”, this event saw a line-up of musical performances by talented artists from home town Ipoh as well as big city Kuala Lumpur and Penang. It was also be a fund-raising night for a one-and-a-half year old girl, Pavishna A/P Ganesvaran, who has a hole in her heart. At the same time, medical beds and wheelchairs are to be donated to Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun.

“Normally we give in quiet ways but this time it is completion, commencement and charity, befitting the Completion, Compliance, Certification (CCC) of the development,” shares Chan.

Envisioning the Future

After having gone through a rough journey, Chan is now a happy man as his project is recognized by others.

“It is what I have envisioned – to build a project that made a difference in the place in which it is built in.” He hopes that now, with The Haven in the picture, Ipoh is a travel destination worth considering.

So, with one aspiration realized, has the CEO embarked on a new vision?

“Well, as a matter of fact, yes!” Chan says enthusiastically. “We have actually found a nice little spot in Bintan Island in Indonesia in which we hope to replicate the idea of The Haven!” He mentioned that this joint venture will be with Salim Group, among the biggest conglomerates in Indonesia. He is looking forward to build the towers as well as villas on that little island of Indonesia.

“The pictures are in my head. I am just waiting for the time to lay down the foundation and start the work!”


The Haven Lakeside Residences

• Total Residential Tower: 3 (Acacia, Banyan and Cycas)
• Total Units: 512 (More than 90% sold)
• Environment: 280 million years old virgin forest, Limestone hill, 14-story rock outcrop aka Rockhaven, Natural lake, Jungle trek, countless species of flora and fauna
• Facilities: Tennis court, Squash court, Badminton court of merbau flooring, 5-level seahorse-shaped swimming pool, Gym, Sauna, Outdoor Meditation deck, Clubhouse, Restaurant with alfresco dining, Alfresco bar, Amphitheater, Picnic area, Wooden walkway, Helipad
• Security: 5-level security which consists of Card Access, Security Patrol, Alarm System, 16MP HD CCTV, Fencing
• Sustainable features: Shell Flinknote waterproof membrane paintwork on the exterior, solar panel to power external common areas
• Amenities: Hospitals, Shopping Mall, Hypermarket, Water Theme Park, F&B outlets, Schools, Golf Course within short traveling distance

How to Get There?
• GPS Coordinates: E101° 9’43.2” N4° 38’14.2”
• Located in Tambun, Ipoh, Perak
• Accessible via North-South PLUS Highway
• 10km from Ipoh City
• 12km from Ipoh Airport


For more information or to arrange a sales visit to The Haven, contact 1700-8-1700-0 or email sales@thehaven.asia.