The Best In-Flight Gastronomic Delights and Delicacies


Experience your wildest culinary adventure beyond the blue yonder…

Flying is certainly one of the most treasured moments in one’s life since air travel is generally a once-in-your-lifetime experience for most of us. Apart from the occasional cases of aviophobia or “fear of flying”, there is another side of flying which makes it even more memorable. No, it’s not the sexy stewardesses or leggy flight attendants who provide the best in-flight service. Over the past decade, the world’s major airlines have upgraded their fleet of aircrafts to include ever increasing technological-advanced airliners such as Airbus A380 and Boeing 757 Dreamliner. Nothing drastic or significant has altered or changed about the onboard flight menu throughout the years. Depending on your seating class (i.e. economy, business or first class), overall food served during conventional flights, both regular and long-haul trips, are standard fare, pricing and menu. If you are a regular patron, you might actually notice that little much have changed since your last airplane trip. These days, popular Korean and Japanese-inspired “bento boxes” produced from recycled paper cartons are seen as alternative meal containers in an effort to preserve and protect the global environment. The following are several typical examples of exquisite and exclusive cuisines available among a select few of premier international airlines.



Classic Viennese Schnitzel (Austrian Airlines)


Viennese culture has long been known for its coffee and confectionery – the best lattes and chocolates are found in Vienna, Austria. For the discerning air traveler, having a gourmet meal on-board Austrian Airlines is incomplete without sampling local classics such as the world renowned Viennese Schnitzel – a dark chocolate mousse dessert served chilled. The Schnitzel combo also includes the traditional Viennese golden fried chicken, garden salads on the side, mini baguette rolls, and its own in-house ‘sky-juice’ (i.e. spring mineral water) in a bottle. This niche dish is inspired & designed by celebrity chefs of Vienna-based DO & CO Michelin-starred restaurant. Flying with Austrian Airlines is an absolute delight, avant-garde style.



Hong Kong Curry Chicken (Cathay Pacific)


One of the many standard offerings on Cathay Pacific is the curry chicken HK style. This local favourite is typically served up with steamed jasmine rice, potato salad, and Haagen-Dazs ice-cream for dessert. The curry chicken is among the mainstay staple economy meals featured on the menu to incorporate traditional Hong Kong flavours. Cathay Pacific would be truly proud of this dish as it is now officially an international acclaimed dish on its regular flights. Cathay also offers various light snack meals, such as ramen instant noodles, available throughout the journey.



Satay Kajang ala Kampung (Malaysia Airlines)


Undoubtedly one of the most popular classic Asian street-foods as well as all-time Malaysian favourite delicacies – satay is wildly popular within the SEA (south-east Asian) regions of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia – reminiscent of the Middle Eastern kebab, or the Japanese yakitori. Generous skewers of premium minced or ground chicken, beef or lamb are slowly grilled over open fire to bring out the exquisite meaty flavours of tasty pure indulgence. Satay is often eaten on its own or dipped in fragrant aromatic coconut milk infused peanut sauce or gravy. Highly recommended as a daily snack or simply enjoyed as a finger food. Bon appetit!



Ravioli and Dulce de Leche (TAM Brazil)


Brazilian dishes are creatively diverse and bursting with full flavours, mirroring the many of Mediterranean’s classic dishes. Just as its partner airline LAN, Brazil’s TAM pairs comfort foods with bold flavours of Latin America and a selection of robust wines from the native cities themselves. Its ravioli and pasta dishes partner well with contemporary light-bodied white wines. With the exception of the main dish, the traditional dulce de leche is definitely a must-try for dessert lovers alike.



Hawaii Loco Moco (Hawaiian Airlines)


An unprecendented part of American culture is the showcasing of ethnic and indigenous culture dominating the nation’s underlying gastronomic scene. Such is the theme of Hawaiian Airlines and its native culinary offering – an iconic islandic dish dubbed the “Loco Moco”; which is basically a hamburger patty served over steamed white rice topped with brown sauce gravy and includes a sunny side-up egg. Being the only domestic American airline that still serves complimentary hot meals on all its economy flights, the airline itself exploits possible opportunities to market and promote local Hawaiian fare to all its potential customers worldwide.



Fillet Mignon Sampler & Salad (Lufthansa)


The national air carrier of Germany, Lufthansa is offering its specialty steak dish as a regular item on its flight menu. The French-styled fillet mignon sampler is served with choice side dish offerings of grilled cherry tomatoes, sautéed white turnip and baked Russet potatoes. It is consistently rated as among the firm favourite with business executives, frequent flyers and regular passengers. Accompanied by select red wines to complement a magnificent and mouthwatering masterpiece!



Cascade Brisket Chilli (Alaska Airlines)


It is a signature dish of Tom Douglas, one of Seattle’s most prominent and distinguished celebrity chefs. As a three-time James Beard culinary award winner, his distinctive and celebrated cuisines receive rave reviews and are now served globally in the skies. Alaska Airlines recently began a partnership with Chef Douglas himself to introduce some of his signature flavours as deliverable meals onboard flights from Seattle. Some of its basic ingredients are based upon the famed Texan chilli and Mexico’s legendary El Paso chilli. Nothing quite like a spicy bowl of red hot chilli to keep you warm on your flight to your final destination…