IJM Committed to Nature Conservation with GDO 2017


Conserving the environment at IJM Land’s ‘Give Day Out’ 2017



Seremban, 27 November 2017
Environmental protection is one of the core pillars of IJM Corporation Berhad’s corporate philosophy. Taking this philosophy to heart IJM Corporation is running its annual ‘Give Day Out’ (GDO) focusing on environment preservation; conserving and developing the greenery and environment of the S2 Trail, Seremban 2’s nature trail for the Seremban community. An annual event since 2011, IJM GIVE Day Out (GDO) involved all employees from all divisions across Malaysia, India and China to participate in carrying out CSR initiatives of their choice together for one day, with the main focus for year 2016 / 2017 being environmental preservation embracing the theme ‘Fun with Nature’.


The supportive participation of 70 IJM staff members in conserving and developing the greenery and environment of the S2 Trail, Seremban 2’s nature trail for the Seremban community for IJM’s Give Day Out 2017



Dato’ Hoo Kim See, Senior General Manager (Central Region) of IJM Land said IJM recognises that maintaining an eco-system where diverse living organisms coexist brings about a rich environment in which both corporations and individuals can live, elevating the standards of living and quality of life of the communities that IJM Land operates in, and also projecting IJM Land’s strong commitment in “Bringing Life to Ordinary Space”. “We are always remembering to take the global environment into consideration by actively promoting efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities, including taking various measures to prevent pollution. By raising awareness of the environment, we are exposing to our people how we can make Seremban 2 – along with every IJM Land developments – livable and, as a major corporation, fight to make a healthier living atmosphere for people through environmental protections,” said Dato’ Hoo.



With the supportive participation of 70 IJM staff members from three different divisions (Property, Construction and Industry) in Seremban, different roles for each division was partaken to maintain the development of the S2 Trail and nature conservation. “We are eager in developing S2 Trail as the ‘hot spot’ in future for our Seremban community – following the footsteps of S2 City Park and S2 Heights Hill Park – and we at IJM will continue to unite as a family with the common purpose to give back to the community and the environment.” IJM understands the full commitment of upkeeping and improving of the adopted nature trails, and more enhancement work will be done in future to make it more accessible and user-friendly for the residents and visitors to the trail.



We at IJM Land always believe that delivering positive impact for any initiative requires long-term effort for sustainable change to be recognised. As such the main reason why we decided to organise three GDOs (from December 2016) revolving around the same theme and same location in a year was to stay committed to preserving the wonderful trails and green spaces surrounding our community and developments. As responsible individuals and also in an industry developing and providing homes to others, we want to use this opportunity to build camaraderie among our colleagues while being involved in a meaningful cause and at the same time, have fun with nature within our sustainability framework,” said Dato’ Hoo. S2 Trail is now currently open to the public and IJM Land has made it their constant mission and promise to maintain the development and conservation of S2 Trail for years to come.





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