Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Awesome Gift Idea$


Shower loved ones with romantic presents that show your love…



It’s that time of the year again when we go gaga over our loved ones. The onset of February 14th is a time for true love and romance. Naturally, romance is different for everyone. To many, it is cuddles, chocolates, and champagne – although they may seem outdated and feel rather cliche. To others, romance is just someone doing something nice for someone else that makes that someone smile! Everyone is unique and special. We all have our likes, fancies and preferences. Everyone perceives different things that make them happy in his or her own unique fashion. A romantic gift serves its purpose – by not overpowering but by heartwarming. So folks, put on those thinking caps, and hunt for the perfect Valentine’s gift for that special someone. Homefinder Malaysia wishes all readers, Happy Valentine’s Day!




The Love Bear


Now who doesn’t love a bear? A teddy bear is the perfect cuddly companion for any age, not just for children per se. The plush bear also represents our inner warmth and passionate desires for our loved ones in times of absence. Love bears remind us of our loved ones during those rare precious moments and the most momentous of occasions. Whether it is for seasonal festivities or for all-important life events such as birthdays, weddings, parties or promotions, bears make the ideal gift that compliment on any occasion and at any time of the year. They are one of the top symbols of joy, love, passion, wealth, prosperity, as well as fertility!




The Valentine Bouquet


Traditionally, roses are the hallmark of romance, and these “flowers of love” represents true love and encompasses all nationalities and cuts across all cultures. For time immemorial, the rose has always remained the steadfast symbol that represents passion and affection. Typically, a single stalk is given to your one true love; whilst a bouquet signifies a “bundle of love” for the big romantic occasion.




The Aphrodite Chocolate


Chocolates have always been an all-time favourite for most romantic occasions, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Dark chocolates are especially favourites as romantic gifts since these chocolates are in low in sugar & fat content, and they are perceived as “guilt-free chocolates” by the fairer sex. Of course, chocolates are also well-known for their aphrodisiac properties and promote a general sense of warmth & well-being – owing to the love hormone ‘oxytocin’ secreted by our body when we consume sinful foods such as chocolates and other sweets or confectioneries. A box of chocolates is definitely a perfect gift for your loved one!




The Romantic Fragrance


Another popular gift idea for Valentine’s Day is none other than the perfume. These days we are often spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting our favourite fragrances. However, selecting a perfume that suits your partner or your loved one can be a daunting and challenging task, unless you possess a sharp nose or an acute sense of smell. For olfactory purposes, women generally tend to have a greater sensitivity to odour as compared to men. Choosing the correct fragrance that matches one’s mood is another affair altogether that deserves a column in its own right. Nevertheless, you can never go wrong with sweet smelling feminine fragrances which are almost always based upon key perfume ingredients such as rose water, orchid extract, vanilla essence, musk powder, sandalwood oil, etc.




Matching Cupid Jewelry


Ornaments and trinkets that are designed with love themes usually come in pairs, one for each partner or the couple. They are the ultimate expression of one’s love worn around as bracelets, pendants and necklaces. The intricate workmanship of their design also determine the quality and pricing of each individual piece that matches one’s personal preferences. Matching jewelry is abundant nowadays and can easily be bought at bargain prices at budget stores. Show your unconditional love today by purchasing a set of matching jewelry for you and your loved one!




Custom Choc Combo


Another alternative interpretation of the classic rose bouquet is the custom chocolate-bar Valentine’s bouquet. A simplistic no-frills version of the original, this all-choc bouquet incorporates various brands of chocolate bars to simulate the flower stalks of the bouquet itself. Who says Valentine’s Day bouquets need to be expensive to look good? All you ever need is some ingenuity and creativity!




Royale Rose Stalk


For those intending to give a rose stalk as a Valentine’s Day present, why not opt for a genuine metallic rose instead? Fresh roses wilt away, but this golden rose will probably last a lifetime! Made with genuine gold leaves and gold-plated stem, the ruby-coloured rose is specially crafted of high quality bone ceramic and fibre-glass plating for added security. This truly unique one-of-a-kind love gift comes in its own gift box with lavender velvet lapels and shock-absorbent sponge cushion!