Is Our Internet Banking Secure? Think Again!


How your internet banking account can be hacked…




In this day and age of information technology and the Internet, most of our daily transactions are performed online via web programs as well as smart applications. With increasingly complex networks, security protocols to safeguard vital systems particularly banking have become more elaborate and complicated. Nevertheless, information is only as secure as the safeguards which are applied and activated. Nowadays, hackers and cyberterrorists have begun to gain the upper-hand over modern security networks and sophisticated internet firewalls. It is only a matter of time before they finally lay their hands on sensitive banking data and pilfer our hard-earned savings. A simple yet practical tried-and-tested method used by hackers is to obtain banking details via Facebook profiles. As a safety measure or precaution, delete birthdates and hide all personal info on social media portals. The following below is a step-by-step approach conventional hackers typically utilize to gain entry into our seemingly secure online banking accounts. Always beware of online pitfalls and keep updating those security patches without fail!



  • The hacker accesses your name/ID and also the date of birth from Facebook or other social media portals, platforms or networks.
  • With these particulars, he visits the Income Tax website and updates them accordingly. He then obtains both the pan-card as well as mobile numbers.
  • A duplicate pan-card is subsequently made whereby he is now ready to design and manufacture a series of practical but brilliant physical hacks.
  • After this, he lodges a mobile theft complaint at the police station detailing the loss of his phone. A police report is necessary to obtain a new sim-card.
  • With his duplicate pan-card, he purchases another sim-card from the local telco or mobile accessory dealer unbeknownst to the victim or authorities.
  • Via internet banking, he commences to access your banking account. At this point, he is done with the hard-work of hacking. Now comes the easy part.
  • He proceeds to the internet banking login site and uses the “forgot my password” option to seek clues to retrieve passcodes to your login ID.
  • With open key trails, he easily bypasses other security options and accesses your internet banking PIN (personal identification number) on his custom sim-card. The rest as they say, is history, and say sayonara to your money!