Light Up Your Life With Exotic Lamps & Exclusive Chandeliers


Personal home lighting ideas that create warmth & joy

Tired of that old table lamp, or the over-hanging incandescent light-bulb? Maybe, it’s time for a real change – time to overhaul or revamp your home lighting. The fundamental rule of thumb for lighting deco is to select the best lamps that bring out the best lighting in a home. The market certainly offers unlimited choice and variety of lighting which are adapted to present market trends and fashion fads. Shops selling lighting accessories and fittings for the home are also a dime a dozen these days. In addition to today’s culture of DIY (‘do-it-yourself’) home improvement, the demand for good quality and premium lighting is ever increasing. Depending on your budget, there is always something for everyone out there in the lighting market – notwithstanding those elaborate and exclusive home chandeliers, as well as state-of-the-art “surround lighting system”, which we normally see on TV and movies.



Your first priority to “brightening up the home” is to install the best lighting infrastructure “that money can buy”, without breaking your budget, of course. Spending good money for premium lighting is actually wise investment, considering the fact that premium lighting generally has a longer life-span compared to budget-type lighting systems. Usually having excessive lighting accessories might overwhelm the home, as the old adage goes, “Sometimes having less is more…” From overhead chandeliers, adjacent spotlights, base lamps, bed lighting and satellite flashers, we are so often spoilt for choice with the myriad of lighting extravaganza on display in sales galleries and lighting showcases. Before you indulge on “a lighting shopping spree”, always make sure you purchase only what you truly love or desire, since it is only natural to want to “maintain your visual investments” for as long as possible. As always, choose wisely and let there be light! – HFM