The Future Of Shopping Is Now Online


Shopping online today has never been more fun, convenient and entertaining!

Gone are the days when shopping for grocery involves a trip to your favourite shopping mall, hypermart and supermarket. These days shopping online can be just as fun and entertaining if not more – minus the thrills and frills, of course! Naturally blessed and endowed with a myriad of malls and shopping complexes to complement its reputation as a premier shopping destination in the Asian region, Malaysia has always been a shopping haven or paradise, with constant buzz surrounding an ever active development of new shopping malls nationwide. Nevertheless, the advent or new breakthroughs in e-commerce and IT, as well as cutting-edge advances in science and technology, have resulted in brand new ways to market products and merchandise online. Henceforth, the e-shopping phenomenon is an inevitable trend that is continuously catching on all across the world. The first original online stores were none other than the iconic and massively popular eBaY and Amazon themselves. Since then, countless of other shopping portals have followed suit, and suffice to say, the rest is history.


Online shopping has always been an attractive solution to the limitations of traditional marketing options faced by conventional retail platforms. With advanced payment systems and store, financial transactions are a breeze or hassle-free. Customers are spoilt with choice when it comes to paying for their goods – be it via Visa Wave (RFID-based), or other mobile payment solutions provided by the respective mobile operators and internet service providers. Purchase orders are usually pre-booked online and products sent to customers via ‘cash-on-delivery’ (COD) as being the standard payment protocol. Exceptional product quality and an uncompromising after-sales service are typical traits or factors that often impress users, and almost always result in multiple or repeat transactions. Safe and secure transactions are always take precedence and are paramount in any online payment method, not to mention utilizing smartphones as a trusted and efficient payment gateway. So now we can all shop in the comfort of our living room, without ever leaving the security of our home.

In Malaysia, online shopping portals are sprouting up everywhere – just like “mushrooms blooming right after the rain.” Among the most popular online sites or mainstays for e-shopping include Lazada Malaysia, 11Street, GemFive, etc. Among the first online shopping portals to set up shop in Malaysia, Lazada offers an impressive range of consumer goods and household merchandise, which include such diverse products as D-I-Y tools, furniture and fittings, home décor and furnishings, electrical/electronic appliances, fashion apparel and accessories, etc. Another local upstart, 11Street provides a refreshing take or twist on online shopping ala Korea – experience shopping as though you are there in person! Meanwhile, GemFive retails exclusive branded merchandise for a fraction of its original price – a real bargain for any potential shopper as well as prospective shopaholics. For further details and additional information on the shopping portals mentioned, please check out the following websites below:- www.lazada.com.my; www.11street.my; www.gemfive.com/my