HFM May/June 2016 – Preview Highlights – Homefinder


First and foremost, due to inevitable editorial changes recently, Homefinder will be published in a bi-monthly format – magazines would be published once every two months – our subsequent edition would in July/August. In this month’s cover-story, we feature an interview with one of Johor’s finest entrepreneurs and real estate investors. Dato’ Sri Jacky Ker, the founder of Premier Plus Marketing, as he shares his phenomenal success secrets as well as his personal life story. With an unwavering and steadfast belief in Iskandar Malaysia, his meteoric rise to property superstardom had him convinced about the seemingly limitless potential of Iskandar Malaysia for regional growth. Johor is also perceived as a premier property investment hub in the southern region of Malaysia, including Singapore.

Well-planned developments and seamlessly-executed projects of such magnitude are exceptional feats of human endeavour and financial prowess. Infrastructural complexities added with logistical complications are as commonplace as are spiraling market costs and skyrocketing property prices. If there is any consolation at all, the long-term prospect for Johor has been foreseen to be robust and set to remain bullish despite the current property downturn nationwide. With neighbouring Singapore’s close proximity to Johor, investment prospects are often unimaginably attractive, practically alluring and impossible to ignore.

In our contributor columns, we feature Dr. James Oh who talks about the age-old and time-tested wisdom of building a practical and viable income stream – how to generate passive income and overcome time constraints – and helping us to create more quality time to spend with our families and friends. Our other expert panelist, the esteemed Sr. Khaidzir A Rasip extols the timeless virtues and importance an ideal property location. Having the perfect location is the key to everything – whether running a business, an enterprise or even a conglomerate.

In our main feature, Container Homes – Yay or Nay?, we deliberate about the pros and cons of sustainable living in a container home, whether such homes are viewed as ideal homes for alternative living, or they are simply just a fad or a seasonal trend. Fads and gimmicks are temporary, but fashionable trends remain as household classics. In our home living section, we introduce green plants into the home environment that only beautiful our inner living spaces but also serve as natural ‘air-filters’ and keep indoor air pollution to the minimum. So if you love being surrounded by greens, you should incorporate more indoor plants. This truly gives new meaning to the phrase, “Living together as one with nature”.

In our smart homes section, Work Smart Today With Smart Gadgets of the Future, we feature two additional iconic smart gadgets that will blow your mind away and leave you awe-inspired. Smart products of today truly inspire intelligent living for tomorrow. We also feature a revolutionary piece of “smart furniture” called Lift-Bit. Intelligent furniture tomorrow makes for a cozy and comfy home living today.

Japan has almost everything to offer under the sun. The worldwide proliferation of consumer chain stores such as MUJI is a clear testament of how Japanese products have garnered global appeal and an international following. In The Essence of Japanese Home Improvement, we discover how to spruce up our homes with the best in Japanese home décor like never before.

The ever happening and blossoming city of Tokyo continues to inspire us with its signature hive of activity with strategically placed spots of tranquility, major tourist attractions and basically just “cuteness overload”. The annual plum blossoms festival is also a must-visit event in Tokyo, as with other popular cultural sites in the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’. Be utterly inspired by the fascinating sakura blooms, as well as the hip and trendy local “kawaii” culture.

And to bring more green and relaxation into your home, we shared handy tips on how to build your own indoor garden and a plethora of “spa-sational” gadgets that will assist you in finding bliss within your own home. Also, experience pre-fabricated Japanese homes like never before. It is an open secret that Japanese people are generally accustomed to living within limited spaces and space-saving homes, typically employing “bare minimal” or minimalist philosophy which the Japanese are well known for. As such, Homefinder continues to espouse the best home living trends and to bring you closer to owning that illusive “dream home”. Homefinder ~ Own It, Live It!




Homefinder Malaysia ~ Own It, Live It!