Gamuda Land unveiling its flagship and iconic Kundang Estates


Inspiring idyllic and modern countryside living like never seen before…

Gamuda Land’s latest stellar and groundbreaking project is an upcoming 900-acre property development comprising Gamuda Gardens and Kundang Estates. It is an iconic showcase of Gamuda’s ambition to dramatically change the complexion of northern Kuala Lumpur. Ideally ed along the intersection of major highways, namely North-South Highway, Guthrie Corridor Expressway and Kuala Lumpur-Kuala Selangor Expressway (LATAR) – the 810-acre Gamuda Gardens and 90-acre Kundang Estates are duly poised to be prime locations within easy accessibility of Greater Kuala Lumpur.  Their close proximity to the Kuang KTM station and the Sungei Buloh Integrated Transport Hub (MRT) also exponentially increases their strategic accessibility and property value, by linking them not only to the city centre itself, but also to the rest of the country’s public transportation network.

Gamuda Gardens is a mixed-use development that ingeniously fuses lifestyle and nature in a single township, whilst Kundang Estates is a boutique residential estate with a modern take on countryside living. Located within a short drive to each other, both are designed to complement one another in delivering the best in modern green living to its residents. The entire 900-acre development has an expected gross development value (GDV) of RM11 billion. The deep-rooted sense of community and nature in Kundang provides the perfect backdrop for Kundang Estates. Comprising 573 units of double-storey terrace houses surrounded by lush greenery, residents can look forward to a peaceful, suburban life. Situated only a short distance from the city, Kundang Estates is ideal not just for local residents looking to upgrade, but also for city dwellers seeking to escape the daily hustle & bustle of city life. Kundang Estates Country Fest had been successfully launched by Gamuda Land’s COO, Ngan Chee Meng at SJK (C) Kundang over the weekend.



As part of our strong master plan, Gamuda Land has always placed great emphasis on creating a beautiful and conducive environment with the right mix and placement of facilities and amenities, to ensure that our residents have a good quality of life. The ideal environment, in combination with a good location, ensures sustainable value especially from an investment perspective. And this, we have consistently been delivering to our customers as proven by the four consecutive years of winning the value creation excellence award. In fact, we have raised the bar. We created four different interconnected parks to appeal to people from different walks of life. The features and activities in these parks are truly unique and will definitely bring people out of their homes to spend more quality time outdoors as well as interact with the neighbours. This is community living at its best.” – Ngan Chee Meng, Chief Operating Officer, Gamuda Land.



The four major parks are named Lakeside Gardens, Community Farm, Esplanade and Adventure Parks. The Esplanade features the Flying Fox, open air trampolines and beautifully-landscaped Flower Lane. Meanwhile, Lakeside Gardens presents a scenic jogging and bike trail that circles a mesmerizing lake and also links to the entire estate. Thrill-seekers of all ages will find Adventure Parks enthralling with its unique extreme bike trail and adventure climbing web. Community Farm with its planting beds, enables residents to bond as they come together to grow plants, herbs & vegetables for personal consumption, under the guidance of consultants and professionals. Other facilities include broadband readiness, dedicated bike lanes and free shuttle service to Kuang KTM station, adds to the estate’s appeal.


The Kundang Estates Country Fest hosted by Gamuda Land offered a glimpse of what life at a modern countryside development such as Kundang Estates will look like. The town was actively abuzz with excitement thanks to its various activities including Flying Fox, which is one of the main features available at the upcoming development. A myriad of other activities that drew or pulled in the crowds were the hot air balloon and zorb ball rides, as well as talks and seminars on property investment and numerology. With so many attractions, it is of little wonder that visitors to the Country Fest were extremely excited about Kundang Estates. Many were busy enquiring about the new development, which would enable them to upgrade their lifestyles without missing out on the beautiful green settings and surroundings which Kundang is particularly renowned for. For those who do not originate from the immediate vicinity of this development, the appeal of idyllic modern countryside living is rather irresistible. For more details and additional information on Kundang Estates, log on to: www.kundangestates.com, or call: . Those interested in Gamuda Land properties may call +6.