Coming Home Embracing Nature’s Tranquility at Gita Bayu


Gita Bayu presents its residents with a calming atmosphere among lust greenery

Even the pool has Balinese and Thai inspired archecture.

High-rise residential units have enjoyed decent rental yields

You can celebrate your most cherished moments with friends and families at the floating stage on the lake.

Satisfy yourself with a hearty meal whilst enjoying the company of nature

The clubhouse is inspired by Balinese and Thai architecture, designed by renowned architecs.

Shady trees allow a healty outdoor stroll any time of day.

Coming Home
Imagine driving up tree-lined roads that lead you home after a hard day’s work, and as you pass through the welcoming entrance and greeted by friendly personnel , a sense of calmness sets in you as the bustling sounds of the concrete jungle are left behind. You leisurely pull through more foliage that genuinely feels like works of Mother Nature herself, and finally up the driveway to your home that reminds you of your nostalgic days in the “kampung”, only more sophisticatedly built. Seems a little farfetched doesn’t it, especially in this day and age of urban living?

How to get there?
• 15-30 minutes from KL City via KL-Seremban Highway or Besraya Highway
• Exit just after The Mines at the Minlon Building
• About 35 minutes to KLIA via ELITE highway

The Natural Life

This enchanting ambience of returning to a place where you can truly call home and where you can leave your worries at the gates doesn’t merely exist, but is one that you can experience right here within the Klang Valley.

Conceptualized and realized over a decade ago, Gita Bayu is a unique residential enclave that is not only enveloped in lush forest greenery but also one that exudes a luxurious and tranquil lifestyle. One would feel they are transported to a distant, more pleasant world, yet surprisingly, this 118-acre wonder sits just a stone’s throw away from the big city, being tucked away serenely on a hilly landscape in Seri Kembangan.

Originally a rubber plantation, sights of its once ecological past is still abundant despite it now being developed with just over 350 nature-inspired homes. The creator of Gita Bayu believes in embracing nature instead of tearing down the beauty of the land to make way for a development masterplan. This of course has paid off with Gita Bayu sweeping several prestigious awards including FIABCI’s Award for Best Residential Development and Winner of Best Landscaping for Hotel/Resort/Tourism Complex Category in 2003.

“When you buy a home here, you are not simply buying a physical house but also buying into a vision where people can leave troubles behind and truly come home. They can live one with nature and experience a peaceful and relaxing lifestyle. This is the vision of its founder, Alex Lim” states Andre Keller, CEO of Gita Bayu adding that this vision is embodied in their new tagline, “Coming Home”.

He also shares his own experience of waking up to the songs of the birds and rustling leaves every single morning. It is like being in a remote countryside. Draw open the curtains and you’re immediately blessed with rays of morning sunlight squeezing through the jungle trees which some are as old as 40 years.With such thick greenery shading the entire landscape, temperatures are generally lowered by two to three degrees making an outdoor jog seems so much more inviting even in the mid-afternoon.

Although lifestyle is emphasized, the up-market homes here at Gita Bayu are nothing to scoff at either. Having launched their first phase in 1996, the original plan gave owners the leeway to design their own home from the ground up. Taking a stroll around, you will be awed by some of the uniquely designed bungalows, each a symbol of its owner’s identity. Then, there are the Hill Villas which are situated on higher grounds, the townhouses called the Town Villas which give a resort chalet-like ambience amongst shady leaves, and of course the cluster bungalows known as the Garden Villas.

Certainly, this dream of a lifestyle would not be complete without comparable resort-like facilities and more importantly first-rate service. At the heart of Gita Bayu sits its pride and joy, a clubhouse that boasts a Balinese and Thai inspired architecture by world-renowned architects, Lek Bunnag and Bill Bensley. Complete with a dining pavilion in an open-air verandah surrounded by soothing sounds from water features, a gymnasium, a quiet reading room on the top floor and of course an infinity swimming pool overlooking one if its two man-made lakes, this would undeniably be an afternoon well spent just soaking up the sunlight as well as the sounds of nature.

“It’s really a sight to see, these residents getting together on weekend nights at the restaurant as part of a friendly community,” says Andre.

While the facilities here are generally catered for its own residents, such a waste it would be if the atmosphere at this haven is not shared with the public. Thankfully, Gita Bayu accommodates special functions at their multipurpose hall or their floating stage on the lake. Imagine the divine walk towards the pedestal at the edge of the gleaming lake and saying your “I Do” with your soon-to-be life partner.

Hospitality For The Community
The developers of Gita Bayu takes so much pride in their creation of this modern day Eden that they have chosen to fully manage and run it on their own, thus fostering a closer relationship with the community of residents which is made up of a good mix between the quietly affluent local businessmen, professionals as well as expatriates.

Having traveled to many countries in his past appointments, Andre’s extensive exposure to the service industry is now put into practice here at Gita Bayu.

“We are moving towards being a more service oriented company here at Gita Bayu as I believe development is not about building houses, but a community” says Andre adding that plans to improve the restaurant, introducing shuttle service, even a concierge service is already in the pipeline.

The dedicated staff of Gita Bayu is evidently of utmost importance to this direction. But what’s more remarkable is the sight of the management team themselves getting their hands dirty making sure everything is in place. Even as CEO, Andre still pays attention to each and every tree. He even sadly points out a withered tree which was unknowingly poisoned recently.

As for the residents here, indeed they are a living and friendly community. Andre shares of some residents who organize a “tai chi’ morning session at the top of a hill called The Peak. That’s not the only community activity as there is also a residents’ board where residents themselves plan activities and festival celebrations for the entire population of Gita Bayu.

Gita Bayu
Current Developments

• 205 bungalow lots, buyers to build their own bungalows
• 100 units of Town Villas
• 31 units of Garden Villas
• 54 units of Hill Villas

Future Developments
• Individually designed bungalows
• Condominiums
• Shop village

Facilities – Dining pavilion, swimming pool, gymnasium, multipurpose hall, reading room, tennis and basketball courts, jogging/walking tracks around the 2 lakes, over 5 km of shady roads, children’s playground and football field, floating stage.

Nearby Amenities – Mines Shopping Centre, Mines Wonderland, South City Plaza, Palace of The Golden Horses, Selangor Turf Club, Aeon Cheras Selatan, Banks

Carefree And Convenience
Being an exclusive and up-market gated and guarded community,  needless to say security is paramount. With friendly yet attentive guards  patrolling the vicinity round the clock, it is no surprise that Gita Bayu has  never had a break-in. In fact, residents’ confidence is mirrored in each  every home,

with none having huge cage-like gates unlike the conventional houses  we know of.

So, with such great atmosphere, you would think it is far out in the  countryside of some rural area. In truth, it is quite the opposite. Gita  Bayu is conveniently located alongside two major highways – the  KL-Seremban Highway and the Besraya Highway, which takes you up  north into KL within 15 minutes on a clear day and south all the way to  Seremban. Frequent flyers would also find no hassle travelling just over  30 minutes to KLIA and LCCT via the ELITE Highway.

Daily shopping needs are also answered through the many amenities  nearby including the Mines Shopping Centre, South City Plaza as well as  a host of shop lots. Education for the young ones is also taken care of  with the Alice Smith International School and Australian International  School close by.

Inspired by a vision of resort-style living in harmony with nature, yet  supported by the many urban conveniences within its proximity, it is no  wonder owners themselves choose to live here. Over the years, Gita Bayu has grown tremendously from its humble beginnings, be it the tangibles  within or its value. Whether you are seeking tranquility, convenience,  luxury or another good investment, Gita Bayu could just be the place  you  can truly say you are ‘Coming Home’.


• Winner of Fiabci Award for Best Residential Development – 2003

• Winner of Best Landscaping for Hotel/Resort/Tourism Complex Category -2003

• Shortlisted for the international Aga Khan Award (Residential Category) – 2003

Precious trees within Gita Bayu:

Rain Tree or Hujan Hujan
Botanical name:
Samanea saman
A large spreading tree for overhead shade
Makes a fine roadside avenue plant
Only suitable for large gardens and parks
African Mahogany
Botanical name:
Khaya Senegalensis
Often planted as a shade tree
Widely used as a
streetscape tree
Can grow
up to 30 meters high with a trunk diameter of one meter
Rubber Tree
Botanical name:
Hevea Brasiliensisn
Formally part of one of Malaysia’s oldest rubber estates
Rubber trees in Gita Bayu are as old as 30 – 40 years