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Dear homefinder readers,

When a situation gets out of hand and the subsequent events go awry, the man springs out of his seat like a jack-in-the-box. What do you expect him to do next? Go into a fury?

Remaining calm enables one to deal with the unpredictables of life – with ease. A wise man would remain collected, bear with the situation, solve the matter strategically and move on to the next matter on the agenda without allowing any air of turbulence to shake him for his unyielding mind knows all too well the price of losing one’s head. The ability to remain calm is a skill that comes with age and it mirrors one’s maturity.

Since unpredictability is an integral part of life, it is necessary to develop our very own adaptive and coping strategies. In the absence of the unpredictables, man has no reason to constantly develop intelligence, life becomes dull and eventually stalls. Only highly adaptable people could truly enjoy life – they work around the current situation whilst others kill time by taking things to the streets or worse fail altogether to deal with the situation and sink into the bottomless tunnel of depression.

The earth you stand on has gone through more than 4 billion years of evolution and you, you, a member of the homo sapiens are a PRODUCT of 200,000 years of evolution. So, adapt and cope with the changes in life; welcome challenges and embrace life. Develop your intelligence and evolve into a man of brilliance!

Constant equates to death; Evolution equates to life.

Own it, Live it



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