I hope you have used the four tips that I have been sharing. How is it so far? Hope it has brought some results for you. To re-cap, here are the first four tips:-

Area of interest!
Working on your strengths
Marketable skills
Feasibility, financial and focus (3Fs)

The fifth tip would be passion. One needs to have passion in the chosen career. The passion to succeed and the desire to achieve success are two crucial ingredients. Therefore, continue to be passionate in whatever work you are doing right now. Your inner drive will determine the level of your success in your chosen career. Passionate people are positive people. They will continue to do what is right and what is required of them in order to stay in the journey to achieve their dream career. More importantly, one needs to be very passionate even before achieving their dream career because the journey may seem to be a long journey or a tough a journey.

One of the ways I keep myself passionate in what I do is through reading a lot of books. What type of books do I read, if you may ask? I read on personal development, sales, marketing, business, speaking, presentation, real estate and many other books. You may want to have your own private library with your selection of your favourite books. Learning from books is very crucial because when you are facing challenges in your career, getting inspiration and motivation from these books will be very useful. It has been useful and motivating for me.

When you are working on your strengths and talents, you will also be passionate. The reason being, you enjoy doing the stuffs that energised you. For some people, they just love technical stuffs. But for some, they may see stars when comes to the same subject matter. In addition, some people do not like public speaking because of the fear in them whereas some people just love the stage time. Therefore, embark on a career that you are passionate in and do not just pass time in your career journey.

Another way to stay passionate is to have a mentor. You can find them and ask them to be your mentor. I remember one incident in the course of driving to another state to conduct a consulting and training session for a company several years back. While driving on the highway, a tiny stone hit my front windscreen. I thought it was nothing until I saw the dot becoming bigger and bigger. I had to change the windscreen and had to pay a large sum for it. I was very down and I called my mentor. He advised me and I just listen. It was comforting to know someone is willing to listen. After that, I regained my passion in my work and look forward to driving outstation not fearing any stones on the windscreen again.

In conclusion, you do need passion when you are on your journey to success. Be passionate in what you do. Continue to be passionate. Stay passionate and you are close to your dream career. In our next and last article, I will be sharing the last tip to a successful career. Till then, wishing you a passionate journey towards your dream career.

Article is written by Johann Paul Gregory, MBA, Senior Vice President, Talent & Business Development, Reapfield Academy Sdn Bhd. Log on to www.reapfield.com for more information. The article represents his personal views.