HCK Capital Group on their latest property development


The unveiling of “H Educity” marks another milestone for HCK Group…


Emerging property developer, HCK Capital Group Berhad plans to break into the mid-league in the real estate industry in the nearby future by incorporating lifestyle themes into its various projects to appeal to the rising number of younger affluent buyers. To date, the developer has identified three themes for its projects, namely education, ocean life and entertainment. It is no great mystery that HCK Group is in the business of selling property lifestyle. According to the company’s executive chairman, HCK is not merely selling bricks & mortar, but offers a specific lifestyle which appeals to buyers who wanted more than just a roof over their heads after a long day of work or study. Its education themed-projects, collectively called “H Educity” involve an education component in a township, and include residential & commercial units within the smart city.


H Educity @ Setia Alam and H Educity @ Cyberjaya will have a total GDV (gross development value) of an estimated RM3.1 billion. H Educity @ Setia Alam will also include a top-notch international school which shall be an offshore campus of The Peninsula School of Melbourne, Australia. Its housing capacity is approx. 3,500, both local and foreign students. H Educity @ Cyberjaya will also include a new campus for its Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences, which will have a capacity of roughly 10,000 students. HCK Capital’s ocean-themed projects titled “Aquacity” will feature extensively on marine life, which will include prominent displays of coral reefs and aquatic life, as well as colourful fishes in giant aquariums. It is a vital reminder to those living in concrete jungles about nature’s environment, such as the essence of oceanic life. The oceans’ natural calming effect soothes away the stress and pressure at work.


An upcoming RM150 million project involving some 120 units of condominiums in the upmarket area of Mont Kiara will feature an ocean theme. Another project whose joint-venture is being finalized is also expected to feature the ocean theme and is situated somewhere in Petaling Jaya. HCK Capital’s entertainment-based projects are long-term plans involving large tracts of land that could potentially house international theme parks. Talks are still underway during the preliminary stages, however, HCK Capital Group believes there is enormous potential in such projects. Apart from the publicly-listed HCK Capital Group, the HCK Group also consists of Hii’s private investment vehicles under the HCK Group of Companies. Collectively, it has projects with a combined total GDV of a staggering RM8 billion and will be launched in various phases over the next three years. The “H” brand aptly represents the bold nature of HCK Group’s diversified business portfolio.


Buyers these days find concept-based living more appealing. They are more sophisticated and many no longer settle for functional homes, but those that project a certain lifestyle or have a specific theme. Having an education institution in the vicinity offers convenience to residents.  And the traffic generated will boost business activities, for the retail outlets and eateries. We are in talks with some overseas parties to bring in international theme parks into these areas. We will develop the land for residential and commercial units surrounding such entertainment outlets. By lending our name to our projects, we are looking beyond the sale. We are committed to delivering our promises.” – Tan Sri Clement Hii, Executive Chairman, HCK Capital Group Berhad.


Executive Chairman of HCK Group Tan Sri Clement Hii