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The Hanjuku Cheese Craze Is Taking Malaysia By Storm!


The Hanjuku Cheese Craze Is Taking Malaysia By Storm!


Going gaga over heavenly Japanese Hanjyuku specialty cheese tarts…


Are you obsessed about cheese tarts? Have you sampled Tokyo Secret today? It is the latest in a long line of Asian cheese delicacies to tickle Malaysians’ taste buds. Its unique and special aromatic Hanjyuku cheese is an absolute delight and divine treat; a wholesome feast for the entire family. Being completely addictive, having just a single piece will not suffice to cure one of cravings for cheese tart. So what is all the hype and hoopla about with this particular brand of cheese tart you ask?


Its tantalizing sweet smell is truly unmistakable; an intoxicating cheese aroma infuses the air and invigorates one’s appetite with cheesy thoughts. Naturally, it is best enjoyed when the tarts are still pipping hot. But beware of their gooey cheese which can be a tad flowy or liquid-like when served straight from the oven. Preferably, allow the tarts to cool down for a couple of minutes before munching them down. It is generally recommended to consume them as they are when they are freshly baked. You may also chill them in the fridge overnight for a more delectable taste and crunchy consistency, whose gel-like texture somewhat resemble typical cheese cakes. For even better results, store them in an ice-box or freezer for a couple of hours for instant and scrumptious cheese tart ice-creams!


Originally hailing from Hong Kong, Tokyo Secret had its inaugural launch or maiden opening in Malaysia at the IPC Shopping Centre (formerly known as Ikano Power Centre). It later opened its second outlet at the prestige 1 Utama Shopping Mall – reputably the world’s fourth largest mall by retail space. Tokyo Secret is renowned for its famed Japanese Hanjyuku Cheese Tart – or ‘Half-Baked Cheese Tart’, whose wildly popular cheese tarts are reminiscent of its equally famous egg tarts; an iconic HK confectionery. The tarts’ crumbly crust certainly reminds one of fragrant French biscuits, with a delicate hint or tinge of vanilla and butter. Its cream cheese filling is jam-packed with cheese flavour and practically melts in the mouth with every bite. Oven-baked atop special-designed revolving stainless steel trays, the tarts themselves are uniquely prepared using special premium cheeses imported directly from Japan. Hence, the label “Tokyo” in its brand designation!


Priced at a premium RM7.90 per piece, its typical egg-tart like appearance can easily fool common folk into thinking they are regular or ordinary cheese-filled tarts. Tokyo Secret has been commanding long lines of customers ever since the opening of their two flagship stores recently. Their signature cheese tarts have drawn huge crowds from all over Klang Valley. With ever-long queues of patrons lining up to experience for themselves the global sensation or phenomenon that is Tokyo Secret, the immediate future of “hanjyuku” among fans as well as lovers of cheese tarts in Malaysia is rest assured. Although this might appear as simply another food trend impacting Malaysians, Tokyo Secret is definitely here to stay and reign supreme! So come on over to The Curve Shopping Centre and One Utama Shopping Mall for a cheesy good time! Go grab a bite of Tokyo Secret Hanjyuku cheese tarts whilst stocks last; they are literally selling like hotcakes!



Tokyo Secret Malaysia (IPC @ Ikano Power Centre)
G23, Ground Floor, IPC Shopping Centre,
Jalan PJU 7/2, Mutiara Damansara, 47800 Petaling Jaya.

Tokyo Secret Malaysia (1 Utama @ One Utama)
Lot SK7a, 2nd Floor, High Street, One Utama Shopping Mall,
Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun (10:00am – 10:00pm)