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What does it truly mean to have staying power in life? In this month’s cover-story, Homefinder interviewed the elegant and enchanting Datin Winnie Loo to discover the essence of what it means to be running a business or an enterprise, as well as being a successful entrepreneur. A Cut Above might not fit the bill of your typical ‘rags-to-riches’ tale, but Winnie Loo is still the epitome of what a truly successful businesswoman represents. Even when she reaches the ripe age of sixty, she still looks astonishingly good for her age – not surprisingly, she is an award-winning hairstylist after all! Winnie is also a testament of what a woman can accomplish even past her prolific and productive years – her zest for life, her contribution to society is immeasurable and unconditional. Malaysia is proud to have an icon like Winnie in the beauty industry – she exudes passion, persistence & perseverance!


We also featured numerous articles in our contributor’s columns. The esteemed Dato’ Sri Dr. Vincent Tiew of Andaman Property continues to challenge the status quo or the standard norm in the property market as well as the industry with his exuberant and thought-provoking piece. Property Hub’s Christopher Lim shares his professional insights and personal thoughts on current market perspectives and property outlook for 2016. In the ever-challenging and constantly-evolving real estate environment, Mr. Calvyn Laang offers his three essential pointers or secrets, i.e. fundamental tips and strategies to succeed in real estate investment – how to survive and thrive in property investment markets, both locally and abroad. Sentiments and perception may vary but opportunities always arise. In the quest to acquire the right property, Mr. Andrew Mah inspires us with his tips and tricks on how to create our own ‘dream-board’. Meanwhile, Dato’ Sri Jacky Ker reminds us to always look at the bigger picture, whereby the Malaysian property market’s undeniable prospect & potential, as well as competitiveness, makes it comparably more attractive than most SEA nations. This is also why it makes greater sense to invest in Malaysian real estate, which also possesses the capacity to increase in value as time passes, even as an effect or consequence of economic fluctuation. Time will certainly vindicate his beliefs and conviction!


Homefinder is also proud to introduce Mr. Harry Dent – an American economist, maverick researcher and founder of Dent Research, who regularly contributes his knowledge and expertise on the global economy, specifically in the Asian regional markets, whereby real estate and property developments are abuzz. Although the local property market is currently on a downward trend, there still exists “pockets of opportunity” amid the challenging economic climate, particularly for the discerning few who are receptive enough to cash in on viable projects as well as prospective investments. According to Dent, Malaysia is the 5th and ‘Last Asian Tiger’ – a pragmatic indicator of our underlying or hidden economic potential & prowess in the long term. He is also an ex-Harvard graduate or alumni, and best-selling author of the renowned socio-economic treatise, ‘The Democratic Cliff’.


The recent Nationwide Homebuyer Expo 2016 @ KLCC was another crowning glory (and feather in the cap) for Homefinder Malaysia. We had documented and shared memorable happenings as well as captured candid snapshots for posterity. Celebrated property developers and real estate gurus were also present during the two-day long fun and fiesta. Also showcased were the flagship projects and prominent developments from participating exhibitors. The main event was the opening ceremony by the Deputy Minister of The Federal Territories himself, who graced and officiated our expo. It was an exciting yet unforgettable moment for everyone involved. Also, not to be missed were the lively commentary and inspirational speeches by captains of industry, official dignitaries and property gurus. It is our sincerest wish and greatest hope that Homefinder will continue to inspire our readers as well as our clients in espousing the cause of affordable homes, and in championing the plight of homeowners. Dream homes need not necessarily be exorbitant to satisfy or fulfill the aspirations of most Malaysians.


In “The Joy of Mopping”, we are introduced to an American homemaker who had an ingenious idea about household cleaning. Joy Mangano, the mother inventor of the original ‘Magic Mop’ inspired millions worldwide and sparked a DIY (‘do-it-yourself’) revolution in the home improvement industry. It also made her an instant celebrity, as well as one of America’s wealthiest and most successful self-made female entrepreneurs in history. Meanwhile, over on the home-front, we shift our focus or draw our attention to one of our nation’s many unsung heroes. An inspiring story about a blind musician turned street performer, as well as his life’s quest to attain musical enlightenment and spiritual empowerment. We hope and pray that Mr. Alfred Ho will continue to stay strong – to continue serving society and to keep entertaining fellow Malaysians with his special musical genius, as well as enchanting us with his unique and divine God-gifted voice… – HFM

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