Sharing the gift of colours with your parents


Celebrating the joy of home painting with timeless colours from Dulux AkzoNobel


Fed up with your old paint job? Then it is time to brighten your home with Dulux’s new colour schemes blueprint. Convincing your parents to redo or refurbish their walls can sometimes be quite a challenge indeed. However, with Dulux’s unique approach and refreshing ideas, you can now undertake your very own DIY (“do-it-yourself”) home décor project that guarantees to put an instant & immediate smile on your parents’ face. Two key colour trends introduced by Dulux recently inspired AkzoNobel’s ColourFutures™ 2016, a “colour trends master scheme” meticulously developed by a group of international colour experts and painstakingly assembled by AkzoNobel’s Global Aesthetic Centre.


Welcoming the future by remembering the past

For 2016, gold has been identified as the colour of choice. Having both tradition and modern innovation on the same plate does present some kind of conflict, but Dulux believes in anticipating the future as well as appreciating the past. Infusing contemporary elements with traditional vibes is the way forward. A brand new coat of paint always gives added warmth or that welcoming feel to brighten the day. Taking inspiration from the past, we discover our true identity, and gain confidence moving forward. The use of vintage or antique wooden furniture with added plush pillows also creates subtle ‘Heritage & Future’ contrasts. For themes to inspire your creativity, go to: www.colourfutures.com/en_heritage-and-future


Contrasting between dark and light shades

As we age and grow older, our colour preferences also change from the usual bright & youthful shades such as pastel and florals, to the more subdued or inconspicuous colours such as classic black, earth brown or metallic grey. Be inspired by the nature’s dusk & dawn, and revel in the mysterious properties of dark colours as we celebrate “dark beauty”. Research suggests that dark shades promote better slumber, just as one normally sleeps at night. When choosing colours for home decor, it is always important to be “in sync” with the specific taste or preference of family members. Apart from conventional “tasteful decor” schemes, one is also encouraged to experiment with darker shades such as greys and browns, or even ‘Colour of the Year 2016’, Monarch Gold. For more “Night Trends” colour scheme, goto: www.colourfutures.com/en_dark-and-light


cf16_heritage_&_future_01 (1)Diversify your room with different colours

Adding more depth and feel to a room with key patterns and distinct textures. Opt for ‘eye-catching’ fabrics to exude an air or feel of exclusivity and uniqueness. Mixing colours with similar shades and identical-shaped patterns is essential to better colour coordination. Break the shackles of monotony by exploiting livelier shades – by giving more character to space and by adding more contrast – it makes a world of difference when they are perceived and evaluated via their colour, pattern and texture. A little contrast definitely “adds value” to any monotonous wall surfaces, bringing the entire room to life. Dulux Pentalite is one such ideal paint candidate which literally hides imperfections or flaws in wall finishes. Formulated with advance Colourguard technology that keeps or maintains walls for a longer lasting freshness and beauty. Using our special colour database, there are over 2,000 available shades and tones at your disposal to choose from. Get inspired with us and surprise your loved ones by using Dulux paints to spruce up your home for your entire family. For more information on the ‘Colour of the Year 2016’, visit Dulux’s website at: www.dulux.com.my and Dulux Malaysia’s Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/DuluxMalaysia