Saujana Duta, Why Not?


From a 30-acre hill park as a backdrop, seated on 393 feet above sea level and well secured, Saujana Duta’s elite semi-detached residences and bungalows are something that even the city properties find difficult to rival.

In this guarded scheme, property developer IJM Land Bhd has planned it as an enclave for the increasingly busy Seremban citizens to come home to end of day. The spacious living homes are complemented by round the clock security, furnished by the convenience of high speed Internet connectivity as well as the considerate green accessories for your comfort from the time you move in.

As the crown jewel of the growing Seremban 2, the three-story residences are lifestyle fairytale to some in this part of the world. Whether you’re an engineer, a doctor or an enterprising business owner, you will find the hilly views from the windows of your home a calming and welcoming vista. It is where you and your loved ones can truly relax and retire to from the stressful moments at work or in school.

The appeal of the third floor is especially exciting. Its glass doors and windows give you an expansive and infinite room to imagine beyond. It is a place where the Spielbergs can visualize their next blockbusters and the Rowlings can craft the next bestsellers. It is also where successful individuals of investors and tycoons will come to love as they meditate before the break of dawn for the impactful ideas only a tranquil setting can provide. It is so versatile it can be turned into a mini concert hall for those who are musically inclined or as an art gallery to paint or just to showcase. And whoever says you can’t have them both? Even newlyweds will find this place useful – to read, to chat, to dine or even to turn this into a private Cineplex of your very own.

“…that which are truly scarce…you can now find it here…”

From your home, comfort is also found in the surroundings of this neighborhood. Your focal point begins at the hilltop recreational villa built exclusively for the residents of Saujana Duta. Aside from the standard swimming pool, gym and function room, there is also a lookout point for those who are a little more appreciative of the magnificent environment we live in.

Weekend picnic can take place at the 30-acre hill park while the kids go wild at the playground, the gazebo or prance around on the jogging track with their cousins and friends.

With only 200 homes planned for this pristine neighborhood, it’s certainly an extraordinary development worth the trip to come and behold of. Because truth be told, that which are truly scarce in the city of Kuala Lumpur, you can now find it here in Saujana Duta, over in S2 Heights of Seremban 2. The question then really is, Why Not?

Saujana Duta @ S2 Heights

  • 38 acres, 2 phases; Phase 2 with 76 bungalows in various designs to be built, tentative selling price from RM2.5 million.
  • 200 units semi-detacheds and bungalows.
  • Open concept living & dining area, dry & wet kitchen, spacious & bright & well ventilated store room underneath staircase, en-suite bathrooms for first floor bedrooms, study corner with bathroom at first floor family hall that is easy to turn into a proper room, roof terrace, third floor entertainment space ideal as AV room, games room, gym and sports area.
  • Green features such as solar water heating system, water booster pump, rain water harvesting, tinted glass, roof sisilation to reduce heat.
  • Home alarm system with basic smart home features, lightning arrestor, CCTV at the car porch, stainless steel water tank, vanity top for all bathrooms, shower screen for master bathroom, powder coated windows frame with tinted glass.
  • Unifi high speed broadband.
  • 5’ walkway in front of houses.


  • Guarded with perimeter fencing, guardhouse, low brick wall and grille fencing with auto gate point, alarm system with basic smart home features such as lighting and air-conditioner controls.
  • Perimeter fencing with CCTV.
  • Hilltop recreational villa with swimming pool, gym room, function room, lookout point.
  • 30-acre hill park with jogging track, jungle track, playground, gazebo.
  • Walkway along perimeter fencing allowing guards patrol at the edge of the neighborhood and as a jogging track for residents.

How to Get There?
Address: P.T. 10786, Seremban 2, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus, Malaysia.

Developed by IJM Land Bhd.
Call , 1800-222-456, fax or visit www.saujanaduta.com.