Sunsuria to embark on inaugural joint-venture with Everrich


Introducing more exciting & exclusive Korean-brand development to Sunsuria City

Sunsuria recently announced its first-ever joint-venture collaboration with its strategic partner; Welcome Global Co. Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ever Rich Land Co. Ltd. (“Ever Rich”) which is founded by Dr. Yuan Kuo Tung, a prominent Korean businessman with diverse businesses such as real estate, hospitality & publishing in Korea and Taiwan. The inaugural joint-venture partnership with Welcome Global aims & aspires to deliver the promise for a smarter, livable and sustainable township by bringing greater Korean style as well as influences into Sunsuria City. It fundamentally consists of a series of niche Korean-themed developments which include a boutique hotel, a wedding house, few serviced apartments, cultural heritage retail shops, a thematic garden and much more.


We found investment in Malaysia can provide greater growth opportunities from our businesses in Korea and Taiwan. It is fortunate that we met Sunsuria Datuk Ter and his team to form this strategic alliance where we can bring unique content and elements from Korea into Sunsuria City. The “Korean Wave” is very strong and it has extensive influence in the South East Asia region including Malaysia. We are confident that this will draw attention not only in Klang Valley populations but also to the tourists who intend to visit both Xiamen University Malaysia and the upcoming International Outlet Mall in Sunsuria City. We believe together with our friendship with Datuk Ter and this win-win joint development model will be the foundation of our sustainable partnership.” – Dr. Yuan Kuo Tung, Chairman of Everrich Group, South Korea.


Some of the more interesting components that will be brought into Sunsuria City include Hotel Everrich, a chic and tastefully designed boutique hotel originating from Ganghwa Island, Incheon, Korea. It is essentially a cozy and authentic hotel with trademarks of designer vintage concept that caters wonderfully for guests from all walks of life. Complementing the Hotel Everrich will be a romantic glass- wedding house that is designed with a thematic garden to cater for weddings, parties and private functions. Nestled within the same development area will be a French-styled village and a fantastic tourist destination directly adopted from the existing Provence Village in Paju City, South Korea. The Provence Village includes avant-garde French restaurants, the Provence Gallery which is decorated with beautiful interior designs, Herb Village filled with sweet fragrances, a Fashion Gallery, European bakery & cafes. These elements make Sunsuria City one of the most sought-after destinations for live photography, videography & documentary.


Korea has been a big international beauty influencer in many parts of the world over the last decade. It has dominated the Asian market largely because of its increasing popularity on Korean dramas and K- pop culture. Therefore, we are very proud and excited to bring in the Korean Beauty Mall, a one-stop fashion and beauty care boutique mall that aims to fulfill the craze and obsessions on anything and everything to do with Korean beauty care products and services. Our key focus is to strive for a smart, livable & sustainable township that is future-ready for the new generation buyers. We hope to create a livable environment by adding on tourist attraction that will attract more footprints to support a sustainable value chain for the residents & investors of Sunsuria City.” – Datuk Ter Leong Yap, Founder and Executive Chairman, Sunsuria Berhad.


Sunsuria Berhad is expected to unveil a new master-planned development in Putrajaya South, Salak Tinggi called Sunsuria City, a 525-acre freehold integrated township with an estimated gross development value (GDV) of RM10 billion that embodies 3 key guiding principles of a Smart, Livable & Sustainable environment concept. The township will be launched in several phases over the course of 8-10 years. Sunsuria City comprises Xiamen University Malaysia Campus, China’s first overseas global university, located in the heart of the city itself. Other upcoming developments include international premium outlet mall, encompassing mixed development components such as retail shops and mall, office buildings, high-rise as well as landed residential projects. It is deemed as one of the many flagship developments under Sunsuria. Co-existing with the prestigious university, founded by Southeast Asia’s renowned educator Tan Kah Kee, XUMC has strong support from the government and generous donors who are committed to make Malaysia a hub for world-class education. Apart from its three core principles, the township itself will also be designed to fit the universal theme of Knowledge, Arts & Culture.


Among Sunsuria’s many firsts in designating its commercial offices is its iconic Jasper Square. It is named after an artist called Jasper Johns who is best known for his expressionism form of art based upon maps & flags elements that is distinctive yet colourful with a touch of minimalism. The rationale of Jasper Square is set to bring forth busy & buzzing atmosphere to the commercial component of Sunsuria City, promising sustainable growth as well as more business opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs and business owners alike.

Another interesting name created for its street mall development was Bell Avenue, originated from the one of greatest inventors of all time, Sir Alexander Graham Bell – the man who is best known for the world’s first working telephone prototype. The name Bell Avenue was taken from two key inspirations whereby the street mall is strategically located in front of the main gate of Xiamen University Malaysia Campus, and is designed with the objective to promote limitless innovation & creativity in the smart retail space and urban living concept. Bell Avenue is represented by its signature Bell Tower in Xiamen University Malaysia which is a key landmark feature of XUMC.


Taking from the same iconic representation, Sunsuria Berhad also hopes to make Bell Avenue as one of the key landmark components in Sunsuria City that fulfills the sense of livable and interactive community within the township itself. With encouraging & enthusiastic response from the general public, as many as 78 units of the Bell Avenue street mall has been fully sold off. Also, with respect to Jasper Square, some 86 units of its commercial shop offices were recently launched in February 2016 and to date, they have already received more than 55% bookings!

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